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Eons ago I took a photo of the incredibly cool sign of this place, and gave it to someone named Kane. But I never had a donut from Kane’s donut shop in Saugus until just last week, and WOW what I was missing!

Kane's Donuts Saugus MA

They’ve been making their delectable donuts and plate sized coffee rolls since 1955. Voted one of Americas Top 10 donut shops, the place gets visited by locals and foodies alike.

Kane's Donut Selection Saugus MA

It’s a small neighborhood shop and was bustling with activity when we arrived with the Retro Roadkids. There are aqua topped counter stools for swirling on (as you can see!) and great wrought iron chairs and Formica tables to sit at whilst you devour your goodies.


Not sure what to get, I saw a sign touting the bismarks, so I decided to be adventurous and get one of those. Retro Roadmom and RRkids got a jelly donut and 2 chocolate cake donuts, respectively.

The donuts were larger than the standard chain store donut and delicious by all accounts. We kept on reminded the RRkids that the donuts were really big, and they didn’t have to finish them if they got full, but somehow they managed to polish them off!


My bismark was covered with whipped cream and filled with jelly, a perfect breakfast treat to begin a week of vacation eating ;-). Sis loved her jelly donut, and when I mentioned Kane’s to local Diner Hotline guru Larry Cultrera, he said he uses their honey dipped donut as a benchmark for all others.

There was construction going on the day we were there, and I later found out that the shop is expanding to become HP accessible. If we all keep eating Kane’s donuts they’ll need to expand again, to fit our growing waistlines though the door!

Kane’s Donuts
120 Lincoln Ave
Saugus, MA 01906
(781) 233-8499


Kane's Donuts on Urbanspoon

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“Go to the Drive In Movies” is probably on the Summer-Fun-Things-To-Do-List of a lot of folks, (I know my list isn’t complete without it) and what better time to cross that off said list then when vacationing on charming old Cape Cod?

The Wellfleet Drive In has been operating on the forearm of The Cape since 1957, and does the “Movies at Night”- first run double features- and “Flea Market during the Day”- SatSunWedThur – thing from late April until mid-September.

Wellfleet Drive In Sign

You can spend an entire Retro Roadmap evening at the Wellfleet, so get there early for a good movie viewing parking space, as it can sell out on sultry summer nights (happened to us!) Once you park you need to decide whether you want to use your car FM radio for movie sound, or want to go for the full back-in-the-day effect and use one of the speakers on stands.

Wellfleet Drive In Speaker

Now that you’re all prepped for later, why not stretch your legs until it gets dark enough to show the movie, and see all that the Wellfleet has to offer!

Wellfleet Drive In Snack Bar Sign

Snack bar- I won’t regale you with the “this is where the cinemas make their money” speech, but well, maybe I just did. There are a couple of lines to get into for fast service, and if you want a memento of your visit or perhaps just take the chill off, they have tees and sweatshirts for sale.

Playground– Open before the movie and during intermission, let your little Retro Roadkids work off that snack bar sugar high here. Maybe one of them wants to pretend to be Danny Zuko lamenting after Sandy? Find out!

Wellfleet Dairy Bar & Grill

Mini-Golf– Another vintage gem to add to the Retro Roadmap notebook, this 18 hole course is still the original obstacle course that opened in 1961. Nicely maintained and charmingly old school, a good way to pass the time as you wait for dusk to fall.

Dairy Bar & Grill– Want heartier fare than what is offered at the snack bar, or perhaps an adult libation? The Dairy Bar & Grill serves burgers, pizza, seafood and more in their air conditioned insides or outside on the patio. Don’t forget the hard and soft serve ice cream! And c’mon who doesn’t love the words Dairy Bar? or Bar & Grill?

Boomerang Drive In(cool Formica in the ladies room!)

I had a surprisingly swell time at my first visit to the Flea Market and would recommend it if you like to spend time looking at randomness. Of course you’ve got your tube socks and shamwalla folks, but I also found some fun stuff- old post cards, a $2 apron,  colored glass boat float thingies (c’mon I was on vacation!) and a cool Good Egg necklace. Bring an umbrella for the sun and if someone in your party gets grumpy, send them off to the playground or the beer garden in front of the snackbar (!) for an attitude adjustment. (I asked so you don’t have to, the bar is only open during the flea, not during the movies!)

So there you have it -That’s what you do before the movies. Once the film begin…the fun is up to you!

Wellfleet Drive In, Mini-Golf, Dairy Bar & Grill and Flea Market!
51 Route 6
Wellfleet, MA 02667
(508) 349-7176

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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are some photos of the Liquor Store at the Bourne Bridge, right before you head over officially onto the Cape. After seeing these, I bet you might be stopping there on your next swing ’round that rotary- to pick up some adult beverages, or just gawk at those gorgeous hanging lamps!

Bourne Bridge Liquor Store

cape map

bourne packey lamps

Here’s a little Mass-ism for you folks too- though this place is too nice to really call it one, we often refer to the Liquor Stores up at home as “Packys” and to make a trip to the Liquor Store usually for beer or something, would be to “make a packy run”. This has to do with Liquor stores being called Package Stores, because the liquor they sold was packaged. Hey, it’s even on Wikipedia!

Bourne Bridge Liquor Store
Please note the address of 310 Main St. (according to Google) seems wrong. This place marker for Retro Roadmap link is correct. And the place is so striking, how could you miss it? If you do, just go ’round the rotary again! I’ll call them to verifty their location.

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Mill Pond Diner Wareham MA

Sometimes when you get to a state like Massachusetts with such a rich diner history, you can get a little bit sloppy, forgetting how many diners there are to choose from.

I finally got around to eating at the Mill Pond, only, what, 17+ years after my photograph of it appeared in the print version of Roadside Magazine? Shame on me! (and yikes how time flies!)

Mill Pond Diner Tag

The Mill Pond is a stainless steel 1950 O’Mahony diner and photogenic both inside and out. It overlooks the…well, I bet that might be the MILL POND it overlooks?  Sorry folks, it’s been a long day!

Mill Pond DIner Interior

I had a satisfying BLT at the diner, during the slow hours between lunch and dinner, and it hit the spot. I was also entertained by the two bantering gentlemen at the counter, who I think liked having an audience.

Mill Pond Diner Lunch

While a few of the online reviews of this place are pretty disparaging, I think the Mill Pond is worth a stop for basic diner fare, especially if you are taking the Retro Roadmap Recommended Route to the Cape, along the old Cranberry Highway.

The Mill Pond Diner
2571 Cranberry Hwy
Wareham, MA 02571
(508) 295-9688

Mill Pond Diner on Urbanspoon

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The first time I heard of Simpson Springs Beverages was when I was eating at McMenamy’s Hambugers (mmmm…..) in Easton a zillion years ago and noticed an old sign advertising it.

Simpson Spring Sign

All these years later driving from my sister’s house to The Cape I was hearted to see their sign still on Rt 138, and their colorful bottles of tonic being sold at White’s bakery close by. (For those of you not from Massachusetts, tonic to me is soda or pop to you, and I still have a hard time not using the T word, as you will notice below)

Simpson Spring Sign

( disregard the hours on the sign- reader Brother Cleve sez they close at 4pm)

To get to it you drive down a windy (not blowing, curvy) driveway into the woods for awhile – kinda reminded me of going to camp. Then the big old building becomes visible through the trees, as it has been since 1878 when the company began.

Simpson Spring Beverages

The place is surrounded by over 50 acres of trees and woods, ensuring the cleanliness of the spring water used to make the tonic. You can also fill up your own containers with spring water for 25 cents.

The company has been owned by the Bertarelli family of Brockton since 1989, who state that they will not sell out to a big conglomerate. Indeed to this day the tonic flavors are mixed by hand in small batches, from handed down recipes.

There is a great piece from the local Chronicle TV show that features Simpson Spring and not only interviews Jim Bertarelli, but also gets some wonderful interior shots of the old laboratory and tile lined spring. Click the link below to check it out (and I hope you are as charmed by the Mass accent as I am!):

Chronicle Goin Retro- Simpson Springs

The bottles, labels, even the bottle caps all have a neat old timey quality to them, harkening back to the era when the company began. Even some of  the flavors are a bit quirky and old fashioned as well – including Sarsaparilla and White Birch- alas no Nerve Tonic.

Simpson Springs White Birch

To support the company and also for taste testing I bought one each of the flavors they had at the company store that day, and promise to report back on them once they get nice and chilled in the fridge. Yes even the Sarsaparilla and White Birch!

Simpson Springs Tonic Bottles

Kinda neat to think that even in these days of Coke and Pepsi domination, there is still a little company out there doing what they’ve been doing, and a good job of it too!

Simpson Spring

719 Washington St

South Easton, MA 02375

(508) 238-4472

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Check out the swanky graphic the Caribbean has on their front page, featuring the Retro Roadmap write up of our Fab Vintage Vacation!


Wish that was my car! Thanks for the fun stay and the shout out, Caribbean Motel folks!

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I’m working like a busy bee through all of the great Mass places I’ve been (and way too many photos I took!) but I wanted to give a quick mention to the nice folks at A Festival Of Postcards, for including Retro Roadmap in their latest edition. There I am alongside “contributors from over 30 bloggers on 3 continents (Asia, Europe & North America)” – cool!

Editor Evelyn Yvonne Theriault saw my postcard of Wildwood  NJ (below) and liked it- little did she know I am also a collector of postcards (chromes & linens, diners, amusements, downtowns, you know me…) so this was an extra thrill to be included in the Festival! It has also inspired me to want to scan in my collection, as right now I’ve barely got any online. Anyone have any more hours in the day ;-)?

The Wildwoods

If you like vintage post cards, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, there are a lot of great links on this Festival- check it out!

Link to A Festival Of Postcards

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