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I  love it when the mainstream media folks do their part to champion the vintage, retro and cool old places I love so much here on RetroRoadmap –  that’s why I’m so psyched to let you know that the episode of Food Network’s Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives that features Hildebrandt’s Restaurant in Williston Park NY is scheduled to air on Monday March 28!

Hildebrandt's Candy Ice Cream Burgers Luncheonette

You may remember that I had a swell visit to the ice cream counter of Hildebrandt’s last summer. And I’ve just seen on their Facebook page that their in the midst of creating chocolates bunnies for Easter.

Hildebrandt's Restaurant Willeston Park NY Chocolate Easter BunniesNot only known for their sweets, Hildebrandt’s is rightly known for their burgers – I actually found out about this 1927 gem of a place from reading George Motz’s book Hamburger America, and I’m thinking that their burgers or some other savories might be featured on the TV show.

Congrats to Hildebrandt’s – I hope this brings them lots and lots of customers – as long as they promise to keep their authentic old fashioned charm!

And as they say, “Since 1927…Because One Person Tells Another”

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When I spied the old fashioned sign for Bayard’s Chocolate House swinging in the brisk breeze I could not help but be swayed off of busy Route 130 and into their packed parking lot in Cinnaminson NJ.
Bayard's Chocolate House

Bayard’s has been providing the Cinnaminson and Cherry Hill area with Valentines day chocolates and candies since 1939, and being the weekend before Valentine’s day, the place was abustle with activity when I entered the Colonial inspired candy house.

Candy House

Though the place was busy I enjoyed taking in the old fashioned candy house decor. Somehow I always thought that New England had a stronghold on the whole Colonial theme, but here it was, on the wonderful vintage wallpaper and curtains. Each room has a different pattern from bicentennial to nautical, all working well together.  While I’m not a huge fan personally of this decorative style (having grown up surrounded by it) I can’t help but feel like I’ve stepped back in time whenever I see it.

Colonial Wallpaper and Curtains

I totally dug the display tables for the chocolates – many of them colonial style dining tables with glass shelves held up with brass candlesticks. This gave 2 levels – one for  the quickly emptying chocolate trays below and the other for pre-packaged candy boxes and gifts above. Once I was there for a few minutes and decided what I wanted, I realized I needed to get a number to ensure I would be waited on in a timely manner.

Take A Number with the Takacheck(I’m not sure if the “TakACheck” is used all the time but just in case, look for it near the entrance – I walked right past this groovy old machine. I LOVED the satisfying KA-CHUNK it made when I pressed the red bar for my ticket!)

Once my number was called I was delighted when I was told I could buy an empty box and have them fill it with whatever I wanted. As they would say in the record biz, “All killer, no filler! It being 2 days before V-Day they had a wide assortment of heart shaped boxes just waiting to be filled with sweets, for sweethearts everywhere.

Be My Valentine Heart Shaped Candy Box

The candies at Bayard’s are all made using fresh ingredients and ran the gamut from creams to jellies to crunchy centeres, all milk or dark covered. The chocolate covered pretzels appeared to be a big hit, and I was sorely tempted by their chocolate covered marshmallows. Knowing what RetroRoadhusband likes, however, I made sure to get plenty of chocolate nonpariels.
Chocolate Nonpariels

(And, knowing that I’d most likely help him polish off that box of candies, I made sure some of my faves were in there too. :-)

Service was efficient and friendly despite the crowds,  and I was pleased to see folks lining the walls of this local confectionary waiting their turn, instead of buying a pre-made, Lord-knows-how-old box of candies at a chain store. Trust me guys, your Valentine will spot the difference a mile away!

Don’t worry about missing your Valentine treats here this year…Easter is on April 24. Can’t wait to stop by and check out their chocolate bunnies!

Bayard’s Chocolate House
904 Route 130 N
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077-3318
(856) 829-5195

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