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Regular readers will know of our love of The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville PA – this time of year especially, with Blobfest – the kitschy fun homage to that gelatinous mass that put The Colonial on the moviegoing map, all the way back in 1958.

This year we decided to put our money where our mouth is and sponsor a table at Blobfest to add to the festivities with a table full of vintage souvenirs for sale, and Diners of Pennsylvania book signing!


Yes, that’s right – I’m honored to play Retro RoadHostess to Kyle Weaver and Kevin Patrick -two of the 3 gents responsible for the great resource book Diners of Pennsylvania second edition. They will be selling and signing copies of Diners of PA at the Retro Roadmap booth from 12-4pm.

They will also be telling the history of the diner(s) that appeared in The Blob – so stop on by!

While they’re doing their diner thing I will be spreading the good word about Retro Roadmap as well as selling and sharing some of my vintage vacation souvenirs – vacation plates, snow globes, pennants, we’ll see what’s in the collection!

Snow Domes in Storage Retro Roadmap.com Mod Betty

I would be neglecting my duties as a citizen of Phoenixville if I didn’t share our famous Retro Roadmap Blobfest Map – including sites from the movie and local landmarks to check out:

And day wouldn’t be complete without a showing of The Blob at 2pm – this year I’m proud to say that our own Retro Roadmap fave local photographer Laura Keen Photography is sponsoring the movie showing (you may remember she took some fun photos of yours truly a few months back – what fun!) – check The Colonial’s schedule for other showing times and double features.

Who doesn’t love the famous “Running Out” scene from The Blob – with The Colonial Theatre making her glorious screen debut!

(Yes, we know this version is en Espanol, but screams are universal :-))

And finally, here’s some handy Blobfest Street Fair Information:

Hosted by Hot Rod Scott & Professor Ouch of The Roots Rockabilly Roadhouse on  WPRB 103.3FM

Special guests The Violators Motor Club

Live music by The Buzzards

There will be plenty of fun stuff to do and see including:

John’s Old School New Skool Barber Shop

– Fire Extinguisher Parade

– Costume contest

– Facade contest

– Street food

– Vintage vendors

– Classic cars

– And More!

Read all about Blobfest here on the Colonial Theatre page or visit the Blobfest Facebook Page to become a fan. Is this going to be a wicked fun day or what?!

Blobfest Saturday July 9, 2011
Bridge Street
Phoenixville, PA

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Not sure why it’s called Victory Pig, but that name and the fun vintage sign shown below was enough to make me swing the Retro Roadmapmobile into the parking lot of this classic roadside restaurant in Wyoming, PA (between Scranton and Wilks-Barre PA). And I am pleased to report I got a winner of a slice of NEPA* or Old Forge style pizza here!

Victory Pig Barbecue Pizza Curb ServiceThe Victory Pig Barbecue and Pizza has been open since 1942 and still provides curb service, as the signs on either side of the stucco building indicate. Not knowing what was on the menu I opted to head into the restaurant. As soon as I walked in I was pleased to see a retro looking decor with brown paneling and orange accents, definitely original. And I didn’t take a picture of the interior because it was so full of families, couples and solitary diners that you’d see more people than vintage details.

Victory Pig Curb ServiceOverhearing the lovely older ladies at the table next to me reminiscing about checking their packages at the Rainbow Room (after a day of shopping in New York City, back in the day) confirmed my decision to stop here for a bite was the right thing.

*This area of Pennsylvania is famous for their distinctive pizza – known as NEPA (North Eastern PennsylvaniA) or Old-Forge style pizza, named after Old Forge, PA. There’s even a different lingo surrounding them, where these square or rectangular pizzas are not called pies, but rather “trays” after the baking trays they are cooked on, or perhaps the plastic trays they are served on. Also you don’t get slices you get “cuts”. Luckily I did not feel too out of place when I ordered a slice, and not knowing if that would be enough food I just knew I had to get a “wimpie” after seeing this sign:

Homemade Wimpies I later found out that a Wimpie is like a sloppy joe, and while it isn’t my absolute fave flavor of sandwich, I was proud of myself for being culinarily adventurous! I did not have any of the barbecue, but from what I read it also is a local interpretation of the dish.

You can see my wimpie right next to my “cut” of “pig pizza” and boy was that pizza tasty! The crust is somewhat crispy from being fried in the tray, the sauce was tangy and sweet with bits of onion in it, and the cheese was just the right amount and flavor to harmonize with this local trio of flavors.

Wimpy and Pig Pizza

Now I’ve heard some people compare this local interpretation of pizza to the frozen Ellio’s version but that does not hold a candle to this distinctive pizza flavor and texture that had me longing for another slice while on my drive home. And I am pleased to report that the ratio of cheese to crust does not allow too much cheese to stick to your teeth as some folks have complained about Old Forge style pizza doing.

Doing a bit of internet research I find out that the Victory Pig is family owned and operated and they are very proud of their secret pizza recipe and crust. They’re also only open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday…because they can be! While part of me bums out thinking I won’t be able to indulge in Victory Pig pizza when Retro Roadhusband and I scramble up to Scranton on Sunday November 14, I think it’s kinda cool that someone in this day and age can make such odd business hours work for them. And from the hustle and bustle of that Saturday evening, you can tell that local folks make the effort to get there when they’re open!

If you’re feeling a bit full from the food (or beer and cocktails that are surprisingly available in this casual fast-food atmosphere) perhaps you’ll want to check out Rich’s Golf and Fun Center, located just behind “The Pig”. Or maybe you’ve just saved room for some soft serve ice cream?

Rich's Golf Fun Center Sign(you can see the Victory Pig behind this sign – it’s been stucco’ed over, but it’s still cool inside!)

I will warn you that it isn’t nearly as retro and picturesque as its sign, but it could be a fun way to shed some of the calories that you’ll consume once you taste this delicious pizza!

Victory Pig Pizza & Barbeque
905 Wyoming Ave
Wyoming, PA 18644-1360
(570) 693-9963

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I’m happy to report that one of my fave bars, the Blue Comet in Glenside PA is open once again! This great neighborhood bar, famous for their live rockabilly music on Sunday nights, was closed for almost 2 years and Retro Roadhusband and I were delighted to see that they were open (since June) as we drove past this afternoon.


We took a quick peek in and I’m pleased to report that the place looks the same, if not better than ever, down to the “Talk To The Person Next To You” sign I LOVE, pasted across the screen of the TV. If you didn’t know that this bar had been opened within the past 20 years you’d swear it was a holdover from another era, with its vintage style interior, classic standards and rockabilly playing in the background and blue neon Cocktails sign.

With a fresh coat of paint, outdoor patio ’round back, good food and live music, we raise a toast to the Blue Comet – Welcome back!

Become a fan of The Blue Comet on Facebook if you like!

The Blue Comet Bar & Grill
106 S Easton Rd
Glenside, PA 19038
(215) 572-9780

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While just a wee bit racier than our normal Retro Roadmap fare, I just had to share the fact that Vintage and Pinup Culture Magazine has a great multi-page article and photo spread all about RetroRoadmap.com! (No need to fear, I am not one of the vintage style pin-up or burlesque models in the magazine, though I’d be happy to have one of those vintage airstream trailers, please!)
vintage-pinup-culture-magazine-retroroadmap.comvintage-pinup-culture-magazine-retroroadmap-photo-spread-elgin-diner Click here to find out how to get your copy of Vintage and Pinup Culture magazine, and tell folks you got it for the articles – on Retro Roadmap, of course!

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Crabbs Tropical Treat or “The Treat” has been a vintage roadside delight en route to or from downtown Hanover PA since 1953. In a stretch of road that is more farm land than fancy,  The Tropical Treat is an oasis of retro cool and tasty eats. And check out that vintage neon sign! You don’t see stuff like this often in PA so I say, “no crabbin allowed” when you head here!

Tropical Treat  Hanover PA Vintage Neon SignNot a cloud in the sky – what a great day for a retro road trip!

The first time we saw The Treat we had to totally stop and gawk, and take photos even though they were closed. With the great vintage sign on top and the fact that they still had car hop service under the low slung canopy, it was definitely like discovering a place from the past.

Even though The Tropical Treat is only open from mid-March to mid-October, it packs a lot of coolness into that time frame. I was able to visit on a sunny Saturday and was pleased to see practically every stall in the car hop area was full, with some cool cars too!

Tropical Treat  Hanover PA  Car Hop Service

I pulled the not-quite-as-sassy Retro Roadmobile into one of the parking spots in back, near the picnic tables and under some trees for shade. As I got out of my car to order at the window I noticed that a large field next to The Treat was lined with great vintage gas station signs:
Tropical Treat  Hanover PA Vintage Gas Station Signs

Since The Treat has cruise nights, I bet there are vintage cars that must fill these parking spaces and overflow into the fenced in area.

While walking towards the window I was able to catch a photo of the ordering system still in use for the car hop service.

Tropical Treat  Hanover PA  Drive In Restaurant Menu

And loved the authentic Sprite stickers, claiming that Sprite is “Naturally Tart”

Tropical Treat  Hanover PA  Enjoy Sprite Naturally Tart

I chose what to eat ( Cheeseburger Delight, please) from the menu board:

Tropical Treat Hanover PA Snack Menu

Ordered at the Sandwich Window:

Tropical Treat  Hanover PA Sandwich Window

And took note of their hours while I waited for my number to be called.

Tropical Treat  Hanover PA Hours

I took my food to go, but I could have easily asked to have it here, just letting the window person know what area of picnic tables I would be sitting at, and the Car Hop would walk out and bring my food to me.Next time I’ll do that for sure.This time I did decide to eat at one of the picnic tables out back under some nice shade trees, and much to my surprise, next to some fenced in chickens. I would’ve felt bad if I got some Broasted chicken, but had no problem digging into my burger.

Excuse me, I mean my “Delicious” Cheeseburger Delight:

Tropical Treat  Hanover PA Cheeseburger Delight

It was indeed a tasty burger with lettuce mayo tomato and ketchup, and I pulled off enough of the exterior bun to share some with my feathered pals.

Alas I didn’t have room for a cone shaped like that one on the cool sign, but if you go, let me know how it is!

Crabb’s Tropical Treat
2279 Carlisle Pike
Hanover, PA 17331
(717) 632-3977
Closed Sundays

Fat Boyb=bTwo hamburgers with white american cheese, shredded lettuce with the “Pink Sauce” on a triple decker roll. and a few pickle

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I’m getting a bit jazzed up for a retro roadtrip and am “wicked psyched” at how many fun vintage and retro inspired events happening- the latest is Surf Ohio FesTiki 2010 – held in Dayton OH on Saturday August 14.

Aloha! Mark your calendar for Surf Ohio FesTiki 2010, the second annual celebration of classic surf, tiki and hot rod culture in Dayton, Ohio.


Catch the big wave of family fun on Saturday, Aug. 14, at historic Old River Park — Dayton’s “vintage playground,” featuring a 1.5-mile scenic lagoon.

Take an exotic trip back to America’s “Polynesian Pop” era of the 1950s and ’60s with six surf, rockabilly and Hawaiian music bands on the FesTiki stage!

Thrill to the captivating rhythms of hula and fire dancers!

Watch tiki carvers transform wooden logs into strange and frightening idols!

Marvel at the gleaming chrome of classic pre-1970 hot rods!

Gaze at the astonishing retro treasures in the vendors’ marketplace!

Surf Ohio FesTiki is a production of Surf Ohio and the Fraternal Order of Moai. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the world’s waves and beaches.

Click here to read more about Surf Ohio FesTiki 2 a surf-tastic Retro Inspired Event!

Here’s where it is on the Retro Roadmap!

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I’m bumping this one up since it happens in just a few days – see you there!

September 11-13, 2009 – Hotrod Hoedown – Bensalem PA

They say it best:

There have been a number of OTHER shows in OTHER parts of the country
who used the name HOTROD HOEDOWN. There is ONLY ONE!


hot rod hoedown 2009 september 11-13

The Hotrod Hoedown is a fun event to check out even if you are not part of the hotrod/rockabilly scene- there’s something for the vintage enthusiast in all of us:







Stop by for a day or make the weekend out of it, there’s places to stay, BBQ and you can BYOB.

Hotrod Hoedown 2009
6401 Hulmeville Road
Bensalem, PA 19020

Look at this place on the Retro Roadmap!

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