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If you’re in the mood for some vintage toy and retro Christmas holiday gift giving and decorations, poke your head into Toy Town Antiques in Berlin MD, where a buncha vintage Santa Clauses will greet you!

Buncha Santa Claus ez
RetroRoadhusband and I were in charming downtown Berlin this fall and when I happened upon Toy Town Antiques I knew it would be a place to share with Retro Roadmap readers during the holiday season.

Toy Town Berlin, MD

The small shop presents a wonderfully organized and preserved collection of antique and vintage toys, with something for almost everyone! There are dolls, trucks, and everything in between:

Antique Toys

This Plasticville Diner would make a great gift for the roadside fan in your life:

Plasticville Diner

Or how about this vintage Service Station…
Vintage Toy Service Station

For your vintage car model?!

Collectible Cars

Maybe there’s a little cook in your life who would appreciate these antique toy kitchen utensils?

Vintage Kids Kitchen Set

And if you’re into Coke memorabilia or vintage signs in general, there are some nice pieces hanging in the doorway.

Beverage Beauty

I was thrilled to see a Peanuts lunchbox just like the one I had as a kid, and remembered all of the scenes with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and the gang.

Peanuts Lunch Box

Speaking of peanuts – this little peanut machine would look just darling in the Hacienda, don’t you think?

Fresh Peanuts

Remember to shop local and vintage this season- independent retailers everywhere will thank you!

Toy Town Antiques & More
110 N. Main Street
Berlin, MD 21811
(410) 641-9370

Closed Mondays

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I think the New Ideal Diner in Aberdeen MD is one of my ideal diners. OK so I could do without the hanging plants – but the vintage look of this stainless steel diner, the friendly waitress, one of my fave crab cake sandwiches, and getting to sit thisclose to the original owner, made for one memorable visit!

The New Ideal Diner -  My  Ideal

Established in 1931 The New Ideal diner that we see today is actually the fourth diner to set on this location, and was moved here in 1952.
Good Food is Good Health - New Ideal Diner

A large double doored O’Mahony stainless steel diner with green “flex glas” stripes running through it, the interior of the diner is a well preserved study in green as well, with original terazzo floors, booths and swiveling counter stools. I sat at the counter.
New Ideal Diner Green Stool and Terazzo
Barely hungry, I threw myself a curve ball and ordered a crabcake sandwich, something I rarely do. They are one of Retro Roadhusband’s faves, and while I think they’re OK, they never really do it for me. But the New Ideal touted theirs on both the outside sign and the menu so I said what the heck. SO GLAD I DID!
New Ideal Tasty Crabcake Sandwich
This was one of the best crab cake sandwiches I’ve ever had! Now I know there’s probably more cake than crab in it for you purists, but I loved the fact that they seemed to mix in that Eastern Shore staple, Old Bay, right into the cake. Fried up nice and crisp, delish. I also dug how the lettuce was shredded just so, the bun was toasted (always a nice touch) and the pickles totally reminded me of the ones I loved to get at hot lunch at Broadmeadow Elementary.

New Ideal Diner Original Chairs
To cap off a perfectly wonderful visit, I also overheard some local folks exchanging pleasant greetings with the older gentleman beside me.

“Do you remember him?” said the older of the two, pointing to the man next to him:

Original Owner, New Ideal Diner Aberdeen MD“Last time he was in here he was in (insert name of mother /wife here, who was obviously a waitress here many years ago)’s belly!” And they all shook hands and had a good laugh.

The new owner, who rung me up, was kind enough to inform me that that older gent- well into his 90’s was the Original owner of the New Ideal and came in regularly.

Ideal Diner - Aberdeen MD

Later that evening I mentioned my visit to the diner to one of my Maryland gal pals, who exclaimed with delight, saying she used to go there after ballet class as a child, because her dad – an award winning bowler – would visit the bowling alley behind the diner on Saturdays. You just can’t beat stories like this.

Barely 2 miles off 95, you should really make a stop at the New Ideal Diner!

The New Ideal Diner
104 South Philadelphia Boulevard
Aberdeen, MD 21001-3287
(410) 272-1880

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Who could resist pulling over to snap a photo of such a friendly looking guy? Not me!

Moon Man Elkton MD
The symbol of the family owned and operated Moon Services / Moon Air company, this well known Cecil County mascot certainly is an eye catcher as you cross the border from Delaware to Maryland.

Moon Air Moon Man
1638 Elkton Road
Elkton, MD 21921
(410) 392-9350

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I thought one post might be the easiest way to get the info out about 3 drive in movie theaters in MD, NY and PA since the drive in season is so short. And who can resist a some vintage intermission film enticing us to head to the snack bar? Not me!

Bengies Drive In Movies Baltimore MD

Bengie's Drive In Baltimore MD

Open since 1956 Bengies has one of the more well kept marquees of the drive ins I’ve seen, and to see the amount of heavily worded signage lining the entrance to the theatre (and their website) you can see that the owners are all about the signs. I did not think that the drive in would be totally open for business when I visited it on a sunny Saturday but I had hoped someone might be in the snackbar and willing to sell me one of the tee shirts that I had seen on their website. Alas the signs indicated in no uncertain terms that I should not even think of trying this.

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Bengies Drive In

However I was TOTALLY unprepared for the lights and alarm sirens that went off as I turned the Retro Roadmap mobile around in the driveway on my way out. It scared the whoozits out of me for sure, and even now thinking about it I get jumpy. Hopefully when we return for a movie I’ll have better news to report and my blood pressure will return to normal :-).

Bengies Drive In Movie Theatre
3417 Eastern Blvd
Middle River, Maryland 21220
(410) 391-1956

Haar’s Drive In Movie Theatre Dillsburg PA

We could only drive past this drive in theatre on the way to someplace else, but its close proximity to Wolfe’s Diner makes it a perfect place for a Retro Roadmap type date. Since the diner was not open the day we were in Dillsburg, Retro Roadhusband and I will head out there for sure for a better report.

Haar's Drive-In Theatre

Open since 1953 Haars is a 1 screen theatre with the added interesting bonus of Friday night auctions as well. They have an on site snack bar with “fresh cut french fries, hot dogs, chicken tenders & nuggets, hamburgers, popcorn, soft serve ice cream” and more. And since we all know that sneaking in food is a no-no, do your part to support this drive in and buy your treats at the snack bar.

Haar’s Drive In
185 Logan Road
Dillsburg, PA 17019-9501
(717) 432-3011

The Glen Drive In Glens Falls NY

We had absolutely no idea that there was a drive in movie theatre just minutes away from our vacation destination of Lake George NY, but knew we had to pull into the Glen Drive In which has been serving the drive in community since 1958 with a double screen option.
The Glen Drive In Theatre

Wish I was awake enough to see the double feature, but I will say that going to the drive in on our vacation was one of the great retro roadmap highlights!

And my fave reason for seeing movies at the drive in? The wonderfully outdated and kitschy intermission reels!

The Glen Drive In
Lake George Rd.
Glens Falls, NY 12804
(518) 792-0023

I hope to some day have every single Drive In in existence featured on the Retro Roadmap, until then Drive-Ins.com is a great resource to look up the drive in movie theatres near you. Now GO!

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(10/2010 updated to note that this location has closed- boo!)

I know I’m not the only one with a love for cool old places so I’m always interested to learn about what other road-type folks have discovered. When I read the Diner Hunter review of Tommy Marco’s Ledo Restaurant it seemed like it would totally fit on Retro Roadmap.

According to his post, the restaurant (which has been at this original location since 1955 and should not to be confused with the franchise locations) is slated to move in early summer 2010, so I wanted to give folks a heads up to head over there before then.

Thanks to Spencer “Dinerman” Stewart for giving me permission to reprint his article as a Retro Roadmap Recommendation, and for making me hungry for square pizza! Visit his Diner Hunter website where he chronicles his take on the roadside, Little Taverns and more!

Tommy Marcos’ Ledo Restaurant
By dinerman

Before I headed back to school, I hit up Tommy Marcos’ Ledo Restaurant, which was opened in 1955. Now to avoid confusion, there is Ledo Pizza, the chain, and the Ledo Restaurant, in Adelphi Plaza, soon to move to College Park.

Tommy Marcos’ Ledo is the original- the one with the atmosphere- the one with tradition- and the one with damn good pizza. Ledo Pizza the chain is lacking in all those regards.

The pizza is a bit out of the ordinary in its rectangular shape. The crust is light and flaky an the pizza has a delicious sweet tomato taste. I ordered my favorite, pepperoni, black olives and sausage. A medium is one tray. The Ledo, in a nice touch not often seen anymore, still puts cherries in their pepsi.

The Ledo is a true local icon, with strong University of Maryland ties. Take a look at the murals on the walls.

They are supposed to move in early Summer.

Tommy Marcos’s Ledo Restaurant
2420 University Boulevard
Hyattsville, MD 20783
(301) 422-8122


Tommy Marcos's Ledo Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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I attribute my desire for ice cream in the cold weather months to my New England upbringing,  so I was not surprised to find myself hankering for an ice cream sundae from Dumser’s Dairyland as I drove around Ocean City, MD on the first cold rainy day of November. An Ocean City Maryland institution since 1939, Dumser’s is a local chain of ice cream shops / restaurants specializing home made ice cream and at some of them, diner type food.

Dumser's Sign( Retro Roadhusband says they used to call it “Dumpsters” when they were growing up in the area- har har!)

As we drove down to Ocean City MD and I spied Dumser’s  I was surprised to know that the company had been around since 1939. The location I saw on the Coastal Highway looked pretty new and clean, with bright neon signage, making me think it was a new business trying to look old timey retro. It was nice to see that they decided to use a vintage design and signage to remind people of their history, unlike some of the other businesses that we drove by that had been bricked and awninged into generic-land.

As we continued our drive south I noticed that there were Dumser’s everywhere! On the Boardwalk, in West Ocean city and multiple locales on the Coastal Highway. While part of me was bummed that there wasn’t just one single historic location to concentrate on, I had to hand it to a local business like this that they have been so popular as to support multiple locations in one small area.

Not all of their locations were open when we were in Ocean City on a gloomy weekend, so we stopped at the most retro looking (but I’m told the most recent addition to the chain) – the Dairyland on Route 50 in West Ocean City.  It definitely fit the bill with it’s cheery neon signage and ice cream shop design.

Dumser's Dairyland Ocean City MDI had originally visited Dumser’s back in 1996 with my sisters when we were on a retro road trip of our own, and staying at the Flamingo Motel (still around!) in Ocean City. For some reason I remembered that I had ordered a butterscotch sundae that last time, so I decided on butterscotch again, this time with coffee ice cream and whipped cream. And BOY was that the right choice!

Dumser's Home Made Ice CreamYou may laugh when I use the adjective COLD to describe my ice cream, but that’s what it was. Cold but not hard, just the right softish consistency to have the flavor bloom and melt on your tongue with your first bite. Yum! The coffee flavor was strong  but not overwhelming (strange fact about me is that I LOVE coffee ice cream but I never drink coffee) and swirled around nicely with the hot butterscotch and rich whipped cream. Needless to say it hit the spot and has earned a place in my memory of good ice creams.

I have not had the food at a Dumser’s but I read that it’s diner/ lunch counter type foods with some folks praising their fried chicken. Let me know if you’ve ever had their food, and if you liked it, so I can let other folks know too.

Until then, this is a great place for an ice cream and to support a small local chain that is doing well- and isn’t that what we want them all to do?

Dumser’s Dairyland
12702 Ocean Gateway (and others in the OC MD area)
West Ocean City, MD 21842
(410) 213-7106

Dumser's Dairyland Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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The Alamo Motel in Ocean City Maryland has a great old neon sign, and the place looks like it used to be a charmer.

The Alamo Ocean City MD

(I have not stayed there myself, but you might want to read the online reviews about this place if you are thinking of staying there. Just sayin!)

The Alamo Motel Sign
12614 Ocean Gateway
Ocean City, MD 21842-9540
(410) 213-1884


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