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Summer’s officially here and I am so very excited for all of the fun we have planned – like our stay at the lovingly restored 1950s Caribbean Motel in Wildwood, NJ. There’s us, in line for a hot dog, in this vintage photo from the Caribbean, courtesy of our pals at RetroStockPix.com.

Caribbean Motel Wildwood NJ Vintage Photo Cookout RetroStockPix.com(don’t you just love my turban and sunglasses? Trying to keep a low profile, lest I get mobbed by fans!)


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A real, live vaudeville show in an authentic vintage theatre? Yep! It’s happening for real from June 9-12 at the beautiful reopened Broadway Theatre in Pitman, NJ.

What a lovely way to step back in time while stepping out for the evening!

Broadway Theatre Pitman NJ Neon Sign-Large


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In business since 1962 J & O Fabrics in Pennsauken NJ is an absolute must-stop if your looking for the perfect fabric for your tiki lounge, bowling shirt, roller skating skirt or perhaps curtains for your vintage camper. All of these crafty concepts came to mind as I wandered down aisles and aisles of vintage inspired prints in their giant showroom on route 130 in Pennsauken PA.

50's Inspired Guitar Bark Cloth

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Normally places on the RetroRoadmap have a vintage look or feel, but I’m declaring that Joe Italiano’s Maplewood Inn in Hammonton NJ is going on the map because of their great homemade spaghetti. They’ve been in business for 65+ years on the White Horse Pike, and are still family owned and operated too!

J. Italiano's Maplewood Inn - World's Best Spaghetti(If you’re wondering why the above picture looks kind of wavy, it’s because I had to take it from the inside of our car in a rainstorm!)


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Speaking of vintage Italian restaurants – Tony’s Baltimore Cafe in Atlantic City New Jersey is an authentic old time AC eatery, located just a block from the famous boardwalk.

Tony's Baltimore Grill Atlantic City, NJ

There are 2 entrances- one on the corner that leads directly to the bar, another into the wonderfully in-tact retro dining room. Either way you’re told to sit anywhere you like, by one of the seasoned waitresses.

Bask in the Glow of Red Neon

We opted for the dining room, which at the time of night we were there wasn’t packed, but did have a decent stream of folks coming in out of this freezing cold windy evening for some warm pasta, pizza and throwback ambiance.

If you’ve spent more than a minute inside one of the many boardwalk casinos, with their recycled air and shopping mall vibe, you will appreciate the authentic feel of a place that has been here long before the giant buildings took over the seashore. And as you can see, they cater to the late night crowd.

HoursOpen for over 70 years, you could almost envision the Rat Pack sitting at one of the booths. (Alas the music on the jukeboxes did not live up to my swingin’ sounds expectation).

Tony's Dining RoomLike the front sign says “Spaghetti Pizza” and we said YES! I got the pizza, RetroRoadhusband got the spaghetti and meatballs and we both split a “Large Salad Bowl”. As well as a couple of affordable beers!

The pizza crust was definitely fluffier than the thin crust pies that are my fave, but this pizza was still good. RRH dug his spaghetti tho the meatballs are on the mushy side, however I informed him that I read they’ve been that way for years.

Tony's Grill PizzaI thought it was ironic that some of the casino hotels and restaurants give that old time vibe (thinking of The Continental, etc) but right here, in the shadow of these behemoths, the real deal lives on.

You Go, Little Guy!

Tony’s Baltimore Grill
2800 Atlantic Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 345-5766

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I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, so I’ll just consider this a heads up for those of you who might be hankering for a small greasy hamburger or cheeseburger in the Collingswood NJ area – Roney’s Restaurant – a landmark on Route 130 is now officially closed. Originally opened as a White Tower over 50 years ago, the plan is to demolish it to make way for road widening. Anyone want to save those Hamburger letters for me?!

Roney's Restaurant and Hamburgers Collingswood NJ Closed

I had heard a while ago that Roneys would close because of this project – but as you can see from the cheery colors – it doesn’t look closed ’til you get real close. Get even closer and you’ll see the note left on the door:

Note for Roney's Restaurant Customers“Roney’s Customers, Morning, Afternoon, Late-Night Roney’s is closed due to the road construction that will be taking place.

We have relocated to our other restaurant The Dugout 5105 N. Park Drive, Pennsauken, Cooper River Plaza.

Hours Mon-Fri 6am – until, Sat-Sun 6am- until. Need more Info call 856-651-7141.”

We had grabbed a quick burger there years ago, but never stopped by again, assuming- as we all do – that because it had been around for so long it would in turn be around forever. Here’s a link to Hawk Krall’s (of Drawing For Food) post from last May about his visit to Roney’s so you can get a feel for what it was like before it closed down.

Here’s a link to an article about Roney’s that was just published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on 3/7/11

So make sure to visit your local local, before it too becomes a bump in the road!

Don’t worry, we’ll be back to our upbeat programming momentarily – with all sorts of info about swing dancing, vintage fabrics, beautiful neon, and yet another adventure we’re going on in March!

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When I spied the old fashioned sign for Bayard’s Chocolate House swinging in the brisk breeze I could not help but be swayed off of busy Route 130 and into their packed parking lot in Cinnaminson NJ.
Bayard's Chocolate House

Bayard’s has been providing the Cinnaminson and Cherry Hill area with Valentines day chocolates and candies since 1939, and being the weekend before Valentine’s day, the place was abustle with activity when I entered the Colonial inspired candy house.

Candy House

Though the place was busy I enjoyed taking in the old fashioned candy house decor. Somehow I always thought that New England had a stronghold on the whole Colonial theme, but here it was, on the wonderful vintage wallpaper and curtains. Each room has a different pattern from bicentennial to nautical, all working well together.  While I’m not a huge fan personally of this decorative style (having grown up surrounded by it) I can’t help but feel like I’ve stepped back in time whenever I see it.

Colonial Wallpaper and Curtains

I totally dug the display tables for the chocolates – many of them colonial style dining tables with glass shelves held up with brass candlesticks. This gave 2 levels – one for  the quickly emptying chocolate trays below and the other for pre-packaged candy boxes and gifts above. Once I was there for a few minutes and decided what I wanted, I realized I needed to get a number to ensure I would be waited on in a timely manner.

Take A Number with the Takacheck(I’m not sure if the “TakACheck” is used all the time but just in case, look for it near the entrance – I walked right past this groovy old machine. I LOVED the satisfying KA-CHUNK it made when I pressed the red bar for my ticket!)

Once my number was called I was delighted when I was told I could buy an empty box and have them fill it with whatever I wanted. As they would say in the record biz, “All killer, no filler! It being 2 days before V-Day they had a wide assortment of heart shaped boxes just waiting to be filled with sweets, for sweethearts everywhere.

Be My Valentine Heart Shaped Candy Box

The candies at Bayard’s are all made using fresh ingredients and ran the gamut from creams to jellies to crunchy centeres, all milk or dark covered. The chocolate covered pretzels appeared to be a big hit, and I was sorely tempted by their chocolate covered marshmallows. Knowing what RetroRoadhusband likes, however, I made sure to get plenty of chocolate nonpariels.
Chocolate Nonpariels

(And, knowing that I’d most likely help him polish off that box of candies, I made sure some of my faves were in there too. :-)

Service was efficient and friendly despite the crowds,  and I was pleased to see folks lining the walls of this local confectionary waiting their turn, instead of buying a pre-made, Lord-knows-how-old box of candies at a chain store. Trust me guys, your Valentine will spot the difference a mile away!

Don’t worry about missing your Valentine treats here this year…Easter is on April 24. Can’t wait to stop by and check out their chocolate bunnies!

Bayard’s Chocolate House
904 Route 130 N
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077-3318
(856) 829-5195

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