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Radio Silence

RetroRoadmap will be experiencing a bit of Radio Silence this week, but don’t let that stop you from heading to your fave vintage retro and cool old places! Leave a comment letting me know where you’ve been during this time and I promise to fill you in on our adventures as well!

carls tv & radio

Until then, a blast from the past:

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Thanks to all the Retro Roadmap readers who swung by the closing party at the Doo Wop experience last night – despite the traffic could it have been a more perfect day at the beach?

Special shout out especially to Glen Wells of RoadsideFans.com and Mike Engle of NYdiners.com who won the”farthest distance traveled” award – glad they’ll be able to enjoy some of the great vintage south Jersey Diners they saw at the exhibit, before heading back home.


Speaking of my vintage diner photos I’m just about to head down the street and arrange for them to be displayed at Steel City Coffee on Bridge Street here in Phoenixville, PA. Hopefully this will drum up some interest in those diners as well as the diners around our area!

Other fun things coming up:

Many cool vintage places from my trip to Long Island – diners, luncheonettes, confectioners, hamburger stands n more

I finally visit a roadside burger icon in north Jersey – can you guess which one?

Wacky breakfast in Maine at a 100+ year old seaside staple – on my top 10 list of RetroRoadmap worthy places!

Vintage images of Boston’s theatre district- one of my first inklings of my roadside photography interest

and loads more!

Thanks everyone for the interest and support for RetroRoadmap.com, I hope my enjoyment and fun inspires you to go out and do some RetroRoadmapping of your own!


Mod Betty

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Hey Retro Roadmap fans – please come say hello tomorrow –  Saturday July 31 as I participate in an artist’s meet and greet / exhibition closing event at the Doo Wop Experience on Ocean Ave in Wildwood NJ. I’ll be on-hand from 4-6pm to discuss my photos, Retro Roadmap and of course vintage New Jersey diners!

Salem Oak Diner, Salem NJ(one of my personal fave diners I recently discovered – the Salem Oak Diner in Salem NJ)

Sponsored by the Doo Wop Preservation League, there will be DWPL members attending who can answer your questions about the League, a Representative from Preservation New Jersey and if we’re lucky, a couple of guest stars from the roadside fans world- Glenn Wells of the RoadsideFans website and Mike Engle, author of the book Diners of New York.

Doo Wop Experience Exterior

The night will be capped off with a guided bus tour of the Wildwood area’s Doo Wop 1950’s Motels! It will be a do not miss type of evening at the Jersey Shore, for sure!

RSVP to the Diners and Doo Wop event on Facebook

Diners and Doo Wop Event –
The Doo Wop Experience
4500 Ocean Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260

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Good news for those of us who love vintage retro and cool old places! The original Retro Roadmap has now become so chock full of vintage goodness that you can no longer view all entries on one map. This means we’ve got a lot of good content, and plenty of great places to visit and support.

Retro Roadmap Magnets!

In order to make sure that Retro Road Fans are able to see all of the entries for an area in one glance I am in the process of creating a Retro Roadmap for each state. It’s easy to view multiple maps at the same time for road trip planning and this will also help me organize all of these great old places more easily.

This is a work in progress, so if you experience anything wonky please let me know, I’ll put on my IT hat and do my best to fix it!

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I can’t believe that it has been one year already since I started Retro Roadmap, and want to thank all of you folks for the input, support and encouragement along the way!

I’ve learned a lot of things during this past year doing Retro Roadmap:

  • It sure takes up a lot of time, but I still absolutely love it!
  • I should probably have a separate category for Donuts :-)
  • I stand behind my “ac-cent-tuate the positive” approach whenever I can. We can all lament that things were better before, and people should’ve done things differently now, but I think it’s important to support the places that are doing things the “right” way, according the the Retro Roadmap definition.
  • There are still a lot of cool old places out there trying to survive – I want to make them easy to find so folks can go there, spend their money and keep ’em going!
  • If there was a way for me to do nothing but Retro Roadmap, I’d do it. C’mon Powerball!

Enough about me, now it’s about you:

  • What do YOU like about Retro Roadmap?
  • What do you think could improve your experience with Retro Roadmap?

As I’ve said before I’m just one gal/wife/aunt/friend doing what I hope is my best, to share information about cool old and vintage places with everyone, and I want to do whatever I can to make Retro Roadmap your go to place for Retro Road Trip Inspiration!

Thanks so much to each and every one of you for hanging out at the Retro Roadmap– here’s to another year of cool old vintage and retro fun!

Mod Betty / Beth / Retro Roadaunt

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While we had a swell going on all sorts of fun vintage adventures with the Retro Roadfamily this weekend I have to admit that the all of us here at the Hacienda are still recovering from the whirlwind of activity!


I’m going to do my best to catch up on posting about so many of the cool places we’ve gone over the past few weeks, but to catch a sneak peek on what’s coming up on Retro Roadmap head on over to the Retro Roadmap Flickr Pool Page and see the gazillion photos I just added! See something that strikes your fancy? Let me know and maybe I’ll bump it to the top of the list!

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I just got a swell report from a Retro Roadmap Reader regarding a place that would be a great addition to the Retro Roadmap- but he wasn’t sure if the Retro Roadmap accepted suggestions from readers.

2 words- YES – Please!

We LOVE  Retro Roadmap Reader Recommendations!

wes-mer-drive-in-texas-brother-cleve-diane-dodge-retro-roadmap(Thanks Brother Cleve!)

As you all probably know by now, I’m just one gal, trying to cram as much Retro Roadmap-worthy road trip adventures into my life, so I can enjoy them and also share these neat old cool and vintage places with you. BUT I can’t be everywhere so that is when all you wonderful readers come in.

( Thanks Aubrey Murrin Collins!)

Pretend you’ve got a retro vintage loving pal coming to your area and you’re the host / hostess: What places would you recommend they see,  visit, eat at, or simply take a picture of? These are the places that should be on the Retro Roadmap, and you’re just the person to share the knowledge with all of us!

texas-hot-rick-sebak-retro-roadmap-wellsville-ny( Thanks Rick Sebak!)

As I’ve said before, and will say it again- I want the Retro Roadmap to be a Resource for everyone, across the country and across the world- to have an easy way to find out about the cool old vintage places still around and how easy it is to get to them.

(Thanks Anna Borg!)

As you can see from looking at the Retro Roadmap, it’s definitely Pennsylvania and Massachusetts heavy, as that’s where I do most of my living, but there’s a big ol’ country out there, filled with cool old theaters, vintage diners, tiki lounges, downtown department stores, neon signs and who knows what else.

(Thanks Tim Heaney!)

Help us fill up the Retro Roadmap with markers and recommendations for each one of these worthy places, and do your part to ensure they stick around, by making it easy for folks to find out about them and support them.

( Thanks Larry Cultrera!)

All I ask is for at least 1 photo, a short description of why you consider it Retro Roadmap-worthy and address/contact info, and voila! You’ve done your part to let folks “from away” know about the neat old places in your area.

Click here to email your Retro Roadmap suggestions and photos – and thanks for helping the cause!

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