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While w would have loved to stay at the posh Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis, TN we did  scurry ourselves over there to witness the daily parade of ducks as they make their way to the fountain in the lobby, as they have every day since the 1930s!
Peabody Hotel BookThe place was an absolute madhouse of families and tourists all lined up on the red carpeted path from the penthouse elevator to the fountain, but it was fun to be part of this tradition. We managed to catch a quick glimpse of a duck butt or two as they waddled quickly to their aquatic destination, and I could not help but laugh at how quickly it was over. We did catch a glimpse of the elevator that takes the ducks from their penthouse suite to the lobby, and lo and behold, there’s an egg.

The Peabody Duck Egg Memphis TN

We decided to return to the Peabody later in the day when it wasn’t so crowded, and I’m glad I was able to get some shots of this glorious downtown hotel. As well as the ducks, up close and personal.

Here’s the beautiful centerpiece of the lobby, the Italian travertine marble fountain where the ducks swim daily:

Fountain at Peabody Hotel Memphis TN

And a closeup of the webfooted fiends and their little friends:

Peabody Ducks and Kids

So how did this tradition of the Peabody Duck March of the ducks start?

Funny enough it started with the General Manager returning from a hunting trip and thinking it would be funny to leave their live duck decoys in the fountain (much to the delight of guests). This tradition was given the added pomp and circumstance of the march when a bellman – who happened to be an ex-animal trainer for the circus was put in charge of the ducks. He trained the ducks to march (more like scurry) to the fountain to the strains of the Sousa King Cotton March and it has been a tradition at 11am and 5pm ever since.

This has also become a tradition at the Peabody hotels in Orlando and Little Rock.

Now onto the hotel!

The Peabody Hotel we see today was built in 1925, continuing the tradition and history of The Peabody hotel that had been on a different location in Memphis from 1869-1923. Built in an Italian Renaissance style it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Peabody Hotel Lobby

A destination in its heyday, The Peabody was famous for it’s rooftop “Skyway” venue – one of just three national locations for live radio broadcasts during the 1930s and 1940s.

Peabody Hotel Skyway Postcard ebay mikeleach

I may sound like a broken record when I remind readers of the dark times that many of these historic downtowns went through in the 1960s and 1970s, and Memphis was no exception. The Peabody closed down in 1975 but then was luckily saved and restored, to once again serve the public in 1981.The reopening of The Peabody is considered by many to have been a major inspiration for the downtown revitalization that continues to this day in Memphis.

One of the many interesting thing to note about the Peabody is that it has 13 floors – not a particularly lucky number to many. Because superstition is so strong about this number in many hotels, the Peabody has replaced the number 13 in their elevators with the letter S – for Skyway. Bad luck avoided!

House Phone

So if you’re in the mood for some silly swimmers or a swanky swig at the Grand Lobby Bar (named by Esquire as a Top Ten Best Watering Hole in America) waddle on over to the Peabody!

The Peabody Hotel
49 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 529-4000

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Retro Roadmap pal and reader TikiSoo sent us this retro report from Myrtle Beach, SC back in March – and since the beach season is now upon us, what a great time to share her story. (Mod Betty Sez YAY The Gay Dolphin is Still There!)

One of us is a member of the 50 States Marathoners, so we found ourselves traveling to Myrtle Beach in February. This is a good deal for our family, as our runner is only absent about 4 hours and the rest of the time is devoted to exploring.

If your pooch is part of the family, finding pet friendly resort hotels isn’t unusual in Myrtle Beach. We chose the Ocean View, part of the Oceana chain of resorts because they had an indoor pool – not all do -and it’s too cold in Feb to swim in the ocean. Be aware many hotels in the area require a “non refundable deposit” upon booking and I had big discussions with my credit card company before allowing the charge. I was assured if the hotel did not meet my standards (after all, it’s the south and insects can be an issue) my credit card would stand by my decision and refund my deposit. The hotel was sparkling clean with an ocean view balcony, beach rights, a kitchen in every room & the fluffiest towels! A happy bargain for $70/night, pet fee included.



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The Brimfield Antiques Show is the largest outdoor antiques show in the world, with over 6,000 dealers and 130,000+ visitors during the course of of one week- in May, July and September. So if you want to be overwhelmed by the volume of vintage antique and cool old stuff to choose from, this is your place!

My pilgrimage to Brimfield this year was twofold- one to have an excuse to tell you RetroRoadmap readers about it, and two, to pay homage to the family tradition of attending Brimfield with my dad (who passed away last fall).
Photos (more…)

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A break from the food posts for a moment to bring you some cheery colorful vintage collectibles from our recent fun to the Mad Hatter Antique Mall in Adamstown, PA. We got some great stuff and looking at these photos makes me want to go back there again soon!

Love these  crazy spaghetti lamps! Wish we had a ceiling high enough to hang one on without bonking our heads on it.
Spaghetti Lamp Heaven!

Love the logos from old magazines on this trash can / waste basket. It was a bit pricey but if I did get it I’d put magazines in it for sure, no trash!

Thermos and Magazine Barrel
I could spend all day looking at vintage postcards- they are total road trip inspiration! (Don’t forget, if you’re in the Boston area you can check out a show at the Boston Public Library of their classic postcards – it’s been extended to April 30th!)
Vintage Travel Post Cards

Here’s a vinyl travel case from one of my favorite “teen themed” vintage brands – Ponytail. Again, I’d love to add this to my collection! I think my pal Fuzzy Lizzie ” The Vintage Traveler” would too, so this photo goes out to her.
Ponytail Travel Bag for Fuzzy Lizzie

Speaking of items that might appeal to online vintage-loving pals – I think Pam Keuber from RetroRenovation would be able to find a good home for this Del Val vintage lighting fixture. Looks like it would fit in one of her pink bathrooms!
Del Val Lighting, Bread Box and Pony Tail(I have the cannister set that matches that bread box – my grandmother had the yellow version.and hey! There’s Ponytail again!)

Click here for more cool photos and the contact info and map to Mad Hatter!

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I’m tres jealous of all the folks down in Florida – not only b/c of the weather, but because I would so love to go to the Floridiana Festival & Highwaymen Artist Show in St. Petersburg on Saturday 1/29. I’d much rather take a look at the vintage Florida souvenirs, art, kitsch, memorabilia, and historical artifacts, than checking the weather reports to see if snow will put the kibosh on my weekend plans!


The 10th edition of this popular kitschy Florida “antiques & collectibles” event returns to St. Petersburg for its 10th edition on Saturday, January 29, 2011, from 10 am to 5 pm at the historic Garden Club of St. Petersburg.

A celebration of Florida’s cultural and tourism legacies, this annual show features an abundance of old roadside attraction kitsch, as well as vintage Florida art and old tropical decor. It’s an antique show custom made for Floridians or wanna-bes! (That’s ME! Mod Betty, a Florida wanna be!!)


Featuring old Florida souvenirs and memorabilia for sale, spanning the range from alligator ashtrays, flamingo figurines, and citrus-shaped radios, to postcards and other fun ephemera from the Sunshine State’s old parks and hotels, the Floridiana Festival brings together premier exhibitors and collectors of vintage Floridiana, clamoring to be the first ones to discover some unique Florida finds.


Serious collectors will enjoy the selection of alligator memorabilia and souvenir sterling silver spoons and hotel china from Florida’s “golden age of souvenirs,” while more casual collectors of kitsch can find postcards of bathing beauties and old tourist attractions, alligator purses and other Florida fashion.

Kitsch rules at this show, definitely, but for decorators looking for some serious, vintage tropical furnishings, it’s also a hot spot to pick up some old rattan, tropical lamps, and beautiful wall art.


In addition to the abundance of Florida memorabilia for sale, other show highlights include:

-Meet and greet with The Florida Highwaymen artists from the 1950’s & 1960’s

– Lectures, slide presentation and book signings by Florida Authors…PLUS you just might meet some of the original mermaids who will be on hand to discuss their time at Weeki Wachee!

(Retro Roadmap loves Weekee Wacheeclick to read about our visit! )

The Garden Club of St. Petersburg is located at 500 Sunset Drive South, at the intersection of Park Street and 5th Avenue South in St. Petersburg, near the western end of Central Avenue close to the bridge over to Treasure Island.  Show admission is $6.00; children under three years are $3.00.  Free parking.

For info, contact Hula Hula Productions at (727) 421-0441 or visit www.hulahula.biz

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I have the hungry horrors this afternoon, and if I didn’t have dinner plans already I’d drive straight up to Zandy’s Steak Shop in Allentown PA for a cheese steak sandwich and a step back into time. Though the building has been stucco’d and blandified, the great brushed stainless steel and neon sign in front give a glimpse of what vintage decor  you will find when you walk in.

Zandy's Neon Sign

Owned and operated since 1940 by the Zandarski family (current owners are brothers Ed and Jeff), here’s a photo of what Zandy’s looked like “back in the day”. I love the curtains!

Zandy's Steak Shop Vintage Photo

Here’s a cool color version of that throwback photo from a Zandy’s Postcard for sale at Card Cow:

Zandy's Steak Shop Allentown PA Postcard Card Cow RetroRoadmap.com

And here’s what Zandy’s looked like just a few weeks ago! Pretty cool huh?
Zandy's Steak Shop Interior HDifferent curtains, but the same wonderful pink interior, pink formica tables, vintage chairs and fun mosaic tile floor! Sit yourself down at one of these tables – I’m partial to the ones at the window, and someone will come over and get your order. Or if you want to be closer to the action, you can sit at the counter.

The menu at Zandy’s your standard Hoagie / Sub Shop fare. Except for “Creamed Cabbage” being as side order you don’t see every day!

Zandy's Steak Shop MenuDisplayed next to the counter is a wonderful collection of dolls from around the world. Current owner Ed says that his grandfather would bring them home from trips, and it’s nice to see such a personal touch.

Zandy's Steak Shop Dolls

I got my standard cheesesteak (no onions, no peppers, I know- boring!) and when I was asked if I wanted sauce, my knee-jerk reaction was, “No Thank You”. Unfortunately I later learned that Zandy’s is famous not only for their steak sandwiches, but their cheesesteaks with sauce! I’ll have to bring Retro Roadhusband with me next time, as he’s a fan of saucey steaks.

Zandy's Steak Sandwich

(I have to admit that my sandwich was tasty but I feel like I was missing something without trying the sauce!)

The Zandy’s sauce is tomato based and a secret recipe handed down from generation to generation. We’ve got to get up there again soon to check it out!
Zandy's Steak Sauce

Zandy’s Steak Shop
813 St John St
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 434-7874
cash only

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Weinman’s store in Dunmore, PA is located just next to the Dunmore Candy Kitchen, and while I wasn’t in the market for any Men’s or Women’s Apparel, I had some time on the parking meter and was intrigued enough by the Antiques, etc. sign to poke my head in the door.

Weinman's Store Dunmore Pa

As soon as I saw the store interior looking like it hadn’t been touched since 1974 (a good thing in my book) I could not stop myself from stepping back in time and checking out the time capsule retail decor, signage and perhaps an antique or two. Who could resist those cheery colors and metallic striped wallpaper? Why, it was like stepping into a Sid & Marty Krofft special!
Weinman's Store 1970's Interior Dunmore PA
Little did I know that once I entered I would encounter one of the more charming salesmen I’ve met in recent years, Mr. Robert “Bob” Weinman himself, as well as his sweet wife Karen. Here he is standing in front of their very clever way of displaying the affordable costume and vintage jewelry they have on sale in the store. This photo also shows why I don’t take more people photos, and to Mr. Weinman, I do apologize – for not realizing your eyes were not open, and for not having the common sense to snap a few extra photos, just to be sure. DER!)


He insinuated himself into my good graces at once by referring to me as a “young lady” but was on thin ice when he tried to eyeball my clothing size. Word to the wise, always under-estimate the number!

After the food I had eaten so far on this NEPA research trip, I contemplated buying a “duster” and just letting myself go, but Retro Roadhusband will be pleased to know that I reined in that impulse and simply snapped a photo of these cheery housecoats. Their color scheme and patterns (as well as price!) were in total keeping with the throwback 1970’s vibe. Very Brady Bunch!

Dusters Weinman 's Store Dunmore PA
Mr Weinman is in charge of making sure folks know about the clothing they have, from the likes of Lands End, Talbots and more while the Mrs. is in charge of the antiques area of the store. I saw scores of old Life Magazines ready to be sorted, and some cheery vintage post cards that I struggled mightily not to add to my ever growing yet random collection.

Vintage Post Cards Dunmores
Through the charm of Mr. Weinman I did walk out with a black long sleeved top, to add to my vast collection of black long sleeved tops. The price was well worth exploring this place (which would make a great filming location!) and participating in the sales banter and attentive service that you don’t always get nowadays.

202 East Drinker Street
Dunmore, PA 18512-2434
(570) 343-7065

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