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We were in Ardmore, PA the other night so RetroRoadhusband and I  decided to see what the Chung Sing restauarant AKA “diner that is actually a Chinese restaurant” was all about. Since we needed to grab a bite to eat it seemed like a perfect excuse for a little RetroRoadmap investigation. Let’s check it out shall we?

Exterior - Diner Chinese Restaurant Ardmore PAIt was raining so I just snapped this quick view before we headed into the vestibule. As you can see there’s no mistaking that this restaurant definitely a diner by design. It’s actually a vintage Fodero diner, once called Dean’s Diner and built in 1952 (thanks Larry at Diner Hotline for the info.)

And here’s what the inside looks like today.


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This photo of All American Burger in Massapequa NY, posted on the Vintage Roadside Facebook page is what totally put Long Island on the Retro Roadmap for me and got me thinking about visiting. Thanks to photographer Don Brunjes for not only capturing a great shot of that fabulous vintage neon signage, but also granting me permission to share that photo with you all!


My photos didn’t nearly come out as good as that since we were visiting during the blistering hot afternoon, but in the name of research I got myself one tasty cheeseburger, some fries and a diet Coke (this is after, mind you, breakfast in a diner, a dish of ice cream and a chocolate egg cream all within 4 hours or so!).

Burgers Franks

All American Burger has been serving up burgers franks and fries since 1952, and the prices have remained affordably affordable!

All American Burger Menu

The place was packed when we got there and if I were more of a “take pictures of people I don’t know” kinda gal, I totally would’ve snapped a photo of our order taker, who looks like she’s worked here for a while, and was totally adorable with her hair just so and big sunglasses.

All American CheeseBurger

What I do like to take pictures of are designs that continue to be used by businesses and look authentically original. I snapped the above photo as we sat outside at one of the few round tables out front, dodging sparrows who were divebombing our fries (which alas weren’t crinkle cut). One thing I didn’t realize until it was time to throw away our trash, was that cool shield design was also on the bag as well. Dang, guess we’ll have to go back there again!

After the sweets we had eaten already this day our cheeseburgers totally hit the spot, and from the raves this place gets online and in person, I know we’re not the only ones to have enjoyed our meal here.

Go the All American way!

All American Burger
4286 Merrick Rd.
Massapequa, NY 11758
(516) 798-9574

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I think the New Ideal Diner in Aberdeen MD is one of my ideal diners. OK so I could do without the hanging plants – but the vintage look of this stainless steel diner, the friendly waitress, one of my fave crab cake sandwiches, and getting to sit thisclose to the original owner, made for one memorable visit!

The New Ideal Diner -  My  Ideal

Established in 1931 The New Ideal diner that we see today is actually the fourth diner to set on this location, and was moved here in 1952.
Good Food is Good Health - New Ideal Diner

A large double doored O’Mahony stainless steel diner with green “flex glas” stripes running through it, the interior of the diner is a well preserved study in green as well, with original terazzo floors, booths and swiveling counter stools. I sat at the counter.
New Ideal Diner Green Stool and Terazzo
Barely hungry, I threw myself a curve ball and ordered a crabcake sandwich, something I rarely do. They are one of Retro Roadhusband’s faves, and while I think they’re OK, they never really do it for me. But the New Ideal touted theirs on both the outside sign and the menu so I said what the heck. SO GLAD I DID!
New Ideal Tasty Crabcake Sandwich
This was one of the best crab cake sandwiches I’ve ever had! Now I know there’s probably more cake than crab in it for you purists, but I loved the fact that they seemed to mix in that Eastern Shore staple, Old Bay, right into the cake. Fried up nice and crisp, delish. I also dug how the lettuce was shredded just so, the bun was toasted (always a nice touch) and the pickles totally reminded me of the ones I loved to get at hot lunch at Broadmeadow Elementary.

New Ideal Diner Original Chairs
To cap off a perfectly wonderful visit, I also overheard some local folks exchanging pleasant greetings with the older gentleman beside me.

“Do you remember him?” said the older of the two, pointing to the man next to him:

Original Owner, New Ideal Diner Aberdeen MD“Last time he was in here he was in (insert name of mother /wife here, who was obviously a waitress here many years ago)’s belly!” And they all shook hands and had a good laugh.

The new owner, who rung me up, was kind enough to inform me that that older gent- well into his 90’s was the Original owner of the New Ideal and came in regularly.

Ideal Diner - Aberdeen MD

Later that evening I mentioned my visit to the diner to one of my Maryland gal pals, who exclaimed with delight, saying she used to go there after ballet class as a child, because her dad – an award winning bowler – would visit the bowling alley behind the diner on Saturdays. You just can’t beat stories like this.

Barely 2 miles off 95, you should really make a stop at the New Ideal Diner!

The New Ideal Diner
104 South Philadelphia Boulevard
Aberdeen, MD 21001-3287
(410) 272-1880

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