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It was kismet that RetroRoadhusband and I were near downtown Media PA this week as I’ve been wanting to showcase Deals Variety Store as a shopping destination for the longest time. And who can resist walking on the wood floors of a once Woolworths right before Christmas? Not me!

Snowman and Snow Shovels

Entering the store you are reminded that Woolworths and their like use to be in practically every downtown, and served such a useful purpose as a one stop place to get everything you needed.

Deals - Woolworths Entrance

We needed some light bulbs for our front post light and Deals is the only place in the area I know that carries the ones I like. The big and boring chain stores only have the big and boring bulbs-!

Vintage Light Bulb Display

Deals is clean and bright and chockablock full of practically anything you could need! In our short trip in we saw candles, candies, galvanized buckets, twine, chain, lighter fluid, paint, squirt guns, table cloths, Christmas decorations and so so so much more. They make keys too!

Ajax Unbreakable Pocket Combs ( I love these Ajax Unbreakable Comb Displays, and am kicking myself now for not getting one to put in Retro Roadhusband’s Christmas Stocking!)

Speaking of Retro Roadhusband he thought we might want to get a magnifying glass, but I told him we were too young for that!

Magnifying Glass

So many useful things abound here. While we didn’t pick up any jute twine – it’s biodegradable AND holds a knot, dontcha know – I know where we can get some when we need it.

Jute Twine

Downtown Media is worth a visit itself for the number of independently owned and operated businesses, and if it wasn’t such a chilly day we would’ve done more shopping on State Street.

Deals Store Media PA

Don’t forget right down the block from the main Deals location is the Deals stationery annex with great prices on boxes, pads of paper, envelopes and cards. We cracked up at the Anne Taintor type magnets on display and were psyched to find a packing tape gun to replace the one RetroRoadhusband left at the post office.

Deals Variety Store
15 West State Street
Media, PA 19063
(610) 627-9996 ‎


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Here’s our list of our fave vintage, old fashioned and traditional places in the Philadelphia area during the holiday season. Click on the links to read more about these timeless treats, see additional photos, and learn how to get to these wondrous places courtesy of the RetroRoadmap archive!

The Wanamaker Organ Christmas Light Show at Macy’s Department Store, Philadelphia PA

Meet Me At The Eagle

Strawbridge & Clothier’s Dickens Christmas Village at Macy’s Department Store, Philadelphia PA

Fezziwig's Party

Fireside drinks and dining at McGillan’s Old Ale House, Philadelphia PA

I'll Have A Flaming Rum Punch!

Christmas Lights Galore at Koziar’s Christmas Village, Bernville PA

Christmas Barn in Bernville

Clear Toy Candy from Franklin Fountain, Philadelphia PA

Holiday Movies on the Big Screen at The Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville, PA

The Colonial Christmas

Old Fashioned Downtown Holiday Shopping at Sine’s 5 & 10 Quakertown, PA
5 & 10 HorizontalWhat is missing from the list? Let me know! As you can guess, Bethlehem PA is a big destination this time of year and a RetroRoadmap Reader reminded me of the National Christmas Center in Paradise PA, so I think I know where I’ll be heading this coming weekend!

What retro / vintage holiday traditional places do you go in your neck of the woods?

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Greenport NY is so chock-a-block full of cool vintage and retro finds that I’ve been wrestling for over 2 months now with how to tell you all about it. You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well here are my photos that will illustrate what an absolute FIND Greenport is, for the vintage lover or retro day-tripper:

The Antique Carousel:

The Carousel Kid

We took the car over on the ferry and the first sign of a cool place in my book was our visit to the vintage carousel right on the waterfront. I wasn’t the only one who was happy to see these 1920’s era wooden steeds (0rginally built for a traveling carnival) whirling around, and one of the Retro Roadgirls was more than happy to try and grab the brass ring.

Grab The Brass Ring

Walking along quaint Front Street I was directed to go check out the interior of the Arcade department store, as my hostess knew I’d love the wide wood plank flooring and incredible variety of useful items.

Arcade Department Store

I spoke with a lovely little lady at the far register who said that the store had been there for at least 70 years, but also noted that there are for sale signs in the windows. With a little bit of something for everyone – shoes, work gear, back to school items, notions, stationery, home goods, hardware, it would be hard to imaging what could fill the void if this place were to close. I bought some flower seeds and hope to plant them at the Hacienda!

Flower Seed Packets at the Arcade Department Store

I was SO wishing we hadn’t had such a tasty diner breakfast when I spied the vintage restaurant sign and charming interior of the Coronet.

Coronet Luncheonette Vintage Signs

One thing I love about Long Island are the luncheonettes, and will make a plan to come back with an empty belly and do a proper review of the Coronet, but for now I’m simply smitten with the vintage decor and positive online reviews.

Coronet Luncheonette Interior

Crossing the street towards the water we spied some authentic old businesses with trendy shops clustered around:

White's Hardware White’s Hardware is where I picked up a drain stopper for the old porcelain kitchen sink back home- do I know how to pick our souvenirs or what?

For the seafaring visitor, S.T. Preston & Sons is nothing but nautical. I’m a landlubber myself, but I did love the fact that the old cash register was still in use:

ST Preston & Son(I wonder, is that ST Preston or the son behind the counter?)

Little did I know that we were just across the street from the Oldest Same Family Owned Restaurant in the United States, Since 1870 – Claudio’s.

Claudio's Restaurant Vintage Sign

We were in luck that the Retro Roadgirls wanted to watch the World Cup and I wanted to do some investigation into this historic establishment, so we stopped here for a spell. I loved the old stained glass windows and friendly service.

Stained Glass Window

And I’m told the bar was installed in 1886 when it was salvaged it from an old hotel being torn down in New York’s Bowery. The day we visited it was swarming with soccer fans both local and international, and it was a heartwarming sight to see everyone getting together to cheer on the US Team.

The World Cup(seeing this less than good photo makes me want to go back, with Retro Roadhusband this time, so he can have some of the fun I did that weekend!)

You know, there are still a lot of neat lil places in Greenport I have to tell you about, so I’m going to break this post in two! Stay tuned, and in the meantime, here’s the map, so you can start to plan your very own visit to Greenport!

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I have the hardest time finding orange flame shaped light bulbs for the post lamp outside the Hacienda so I was delighted to be able to pick up some when I was doing reconnaissance work at the West Concord 5 & 10 Store on a rainy Tuesday. (Like all of the places I cover for Retro Roadmap, I try my best to support them by actually buying something and not just taking photos, and since this was on my list of things I needed to get anyways, it was a bonus!)

West Concord 5&10 Awning

The West Concord 5 & 10 was established in 1934 and is the place to go to when you can’t find something in the “big and boring chain stores”. They have hardware items, stationery, bike supplies, toys, gifts, crafty things, sewing notions, kitchen gadgets, school supplies, candies, and so much more.

Pocket Combs & Lucky Charms

Life and Time(of course they carry all sorts of modern things, but you know me, I like to ferret out the old timey stuff!)

While I was wandering the aisles I overheard a woman ask for plastic cross stitch fabric that she “used to get at K Mart but they don’t have it anymore”- sure enough the WC5&10 had it, and the lady working there was glad to show her.

Wiffle Ball

There was also a small gaggle of kids there giddy with their random selections of squonky bike horns, For Rent signs, parachute men and candies. “I love this place!” exclaimed one of the tween boys to his dad, and I rejoiced that the charm of this little store was passed on to a future generation.

West Concord 5& 10
106 Commonwealth Ave
Concord MA 01742
(978) 369-9011

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I recently revisited Sine’s 5 & 10 in Quakertown PA, one of my key Retro Roadmap finds since I moved to Pennsylvania. Good news is that it is still there, bad news is that it was closed because it was a Sunday. Because this place is so totally worthy of inclusion in the website (sez me!) below is a blog post I wrote when I first discovered this bright red gem back in 2007. I’ve tried to become more succinct in my writing since then, but I think the chat before gives you an idea of how you, too can randomly discover something you didn’t even know existed, merely by going right instead of left!

Sine's 5 & 10

September 2007- After a very unfruitful day of thrifting (which is maybe a good thing considering all the stuff in my basement) I was headed towards home from Bethlehem PA. As I tried to make my way off 309, I noticed a small sign with gold lettering that read “Downtown Quakertown” with an arrow pointing in the direction opposite from where I was headed. Well, with the husband and the dog out of town, I technically did not have to be home anytime soon, so instead of filing it away on my “things to check out later” list, I turned left and headed towards Qtown.

Within a moment of crossing the highway I crossed Main Street, with a restaurant to my right, so I turned down Main, thinking this was my destination. Well there was nothing here BUT that restaurant, so I thought perhaps there was some false advertising going on regarding their notion of what a downtown was. Being somewhat tired from my day, I said, well that must be it, and tried to take a left onto the road that I came off of, to head back home.

As we all know, sometimes it seems like forever when you are waiting to take a left hand turn off of a side street onto a main road, so as I was looking left-right-left-right-left I noticed that I was on a numbered street, and the numbers got lower to the right. “hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I assume there must be a 1st street, and they wouldn’t just start numbering the streets at any random place would they? so maybe if I go right I will see where the numbers begin, maybe there is something interesting there.” Wrestling with the notion that my logic is not always accurate in that respect, the angel (go for it!) and devil (that’s a dumb idea) duked it out above my shoulders. Finally since it was easier to take a right into the traffic, right I went.

Within a few blocks I did come across the actual Downtown Quakertown, and was pleasantly surprised to see some old stores, some new stores, and some evidence of revitalization going on.

As a roadside fan, I easily spotted the bright red tiles and brushed aluminum letters of Sine’s 5 &10 cent store, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up that the place still existed in it’s original form.

5 & 10 Horizontal

When I saw the sign that said that lunch was being served at the lunch counter until 2pm, my pulse quickened. The doors were wide open and I could see the place was up and running so I pulled my car into the next available parking space and with trepidation approached the building.

sines signs

Sure enough it was an actual store with a long lunch counter running along the right hand wall. A young mother and her 2 daughters were ordering ice cream and an older woman was sitting in at the cashiers booth, and I had the feeling that I had stepped back in time 50-60 years. Oh BOY!

sines 5.10

The place is huge, with all sorts of random things that made 5 and 10s so great- -tricyles, styrofoam balls, felt, dowels, hardware, candies, measuring cups, house numbers, you name it. There is another room off to the side with notions and yarn, and a back room that has holiday decorations in it.

Hula Hoops and Kickball

There are also tons of vintage items displayed from the 95 years of the place being open, as well as collections of model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, a giant blimp (!!) and tracks where model trains run during the Christmas season.

I was totally blown away with this place and walked around as if I were in a dream. When I came across a bearded gent creating a display with framed black and white photos of Quakertown High graduating classes from the early 20th Century, I had to just let him know that his store was the coolest place I had seen in a long time, and discovering it really made my day. He thanked me and gave me his business card, and then proceeded to bring me to the front counter and give me some typed handouts describing the history of the store and the lunch counter etc.

I was too overwhelmed by it all to ask if I could take photos, and all I could think of to buy was some yarn, but I definitely will be back more to shop and to order something from the lunch counter.

Until I can get back there to do some of my own photos, check out this Flickr search for more great photos of Sine’s.

Thanks to Lushie Peach for some of the great photos in that Flickr search, and for the link to this 2007 video about Sine’s:


Sine’s 5 & 10 Cent Store
236 W Broad St # 240
Quakertown, PA 18951-1233
(215) 536-6102

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