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My pal Leah sent me a wonderful brochure of the great vintage shops in Austin, TX and while I was only able to visit one of them – Cream Vintage on South Congress – it was a RetroRoadmap highlight of our short visit to that hip town.

Cream Vintage South Congress Austin TX
Not only did they have a great selection of affordably priced vintage clothing, but here’s the best part – on-site alterations, practically while you wait!

If you’ve ever been vintage or thrift shopping and tried something on to find doesn’t fit like you hoped it would, this place is a vintage clothing lover’s dream come true! And the price? Tres affordable. Vintage Dress at Cream Vintage Austin TX

I loved a great tiki dress I tried on (perfect for our annual luau) but it was baggy around the shoulders. Usually I’d leave it behind, or buy it thinking, “some day I’ll get this altered” and add it to the pile of clothes that never gets altered. But not here!

Cream Vintage Austin TX Tiki Vintage Dress AlterationsInstead, I walked out of the dressing room and just asked the friendly gal behind the industrial strength sewing machine to help me out (kicking myself for not being able to find her name in my notes, but she was a dear!)

Alterations at Cream Vintage

A few pins here, a few chalkmarks there and within moments we saw how simple it was to fit this mod tog to my own bod.

My Tiki Dress Awaiting Alteration(That’s it, right there- fringe and all! Can’t wait to wear it!)

Another best part of Cream’s on-site alteration service was the turn time. Instead of giving them my mailing address and having it shipped home, they said to return in a few hours and it would be done! This was perfecto because we were going to din just one street over AND there was a cool vintage shirt that I wanted RetroRoadHusband to try on:

Towncraft Shirt - Penney's(Being a BOY his shirt fit perfectly, but they do alterations to mens’ clothing too.)

So while Austin has plenty of vintage stores and I could kick myself for not having time to go to more of ’em I’m SO glad I popped into Cream Vintage. I promise to post a photo of me at the luau in my mod tog!

Cream Vintage South Congress
1714 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 462-3000


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