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For some reason I love getting oranges right from the grove when we visit Florida. It makes me think of that time not too long ago when you couldn’t get fruit year ’round, and Florida citrus was a special treat- especially in the dead of winter. My favorite orange destination is Nokomis Groves – celebrating their 61st year in business!

Orange Memorabilia

Still family owned and operated, the fact that the store is only open during the season -which appears to be November to April according to the Citrus Calendar -reminds me of the farm stands that crop up (ha!) on the roadsides here in PA during the summer. And we all know that nothing tastes better than fruits and vegetables in season. And this isn’t some slick gift shop, but more like an indoor citrus stand where real work happens just on the other side of the table.

Sorting Stations
We’ve become partial to their honeybells, sometimes called Minneola Tangelos, with their outie belly buttons and their sweet flavor. Our pals T&P always make sure to load up on them before heading back up north!

Taking Some Home (more…)


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