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Since 1948 the Tasty Dip in Heflin, AL has been offering tasty food and sweet treats to reward folks who get off of Interstate 20 to drive the back roads. The Tasty Dip wasn’t even on our plan or radar, but when we got off of 20 because of horrible traffic their cheery neon sign was our reward!

Tasty Dip Neon Sign AL



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From the comments on my photo of Bubbling Brook in Westwood MA I know I’m not the only one with fond memories of this seasonal restaurant and ice cream stand nestled in the suburban greenery southwest of Boston. Open since 1951 from mid-May to Mid-September a visit to The Brook is a sign summer has begun!

Bubbling Brook Restaurant(The 1897 on the chimney refers to the year that Westwood became a town,
separating from Dedham. Now you knows!)


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The vintage neon clock on the deco glass brick wall of Tony’s Ice Cream in Gastonia NC clearly showed that it was breakfast time, so we stopped by this family owned and operated business for our first roadfood meal on our retro road trip through North Carolina.

Tony's City Ice Cream Neon Clock
Tony’s has been serving the Gaston County area since 1915, and since 1947 they’ve operated out of this yellow brick building right on the main drag in town. They also make their own ice cream here too, just 20 miles or so outside of Charlotte and a short hop off of 85.
Tony's Ice Cream and Sandwiches Exterior
We parked in the handy parking lot and entered through the side door to find a line of folks waiting for their breakfast fix. I was immediately taken with the tile walls, well kept chrome & red leatherette booths and Formica tables, many of them filled with families and local folks.

Tony's Ice Cream Red Booths
We were still getting our sea legs, this being one of our first food stops on our big retro road trip, so we decided to share a standard breakfast sandwich on toast. Looking at the menu now I wish we had thought to get country ham, or a biscuit or something more adventurous, but am relieved that we didn’t get the liver mush!

Breakfast Menu at Tony's Ice Cream

After placing our order (and trying to ignore the looming vintage scale behind us) we waited at the window for our number to be called, and tried not to get in the way of folks coming in the door. I wanted to grab some photos of the outside of the building so I met RetroRoadhusband out in the car where we unwrapped our delicious amalgam of egg, cheese and the everlovin bacon on white toast.

Breakfast Sandwich from Tony's Ice Cream
Mmmm look at that piece bacon sticking its tongue out!

This was to be one of many meals on the road, and I knew I had a burger in my future, so I graciously allowed RetroRoadhusband to polish off most of this sandwich. Next time we’re going through town I’m definitely getting an ice cream, no matter what time of the day it is!

Tony’s Ice Cream
604 East Franklin Blvd.
Gastonia, NC 28054
(704) 867-7085

Tony's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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RetroRoadhusband and I started our Retro Road Trip off in perfect fashion – with lunch at Boehringer’s Drive In Restaurant in Adamstown PA, just minutes off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It was the opening day for their 75th season in business!

We here at RetroRoadmap initially visited Boehringer’s a few years ago, and love this family owned seasonal stop right up the road from some great antique shops in Adamstown.

I had been waffling (mmmm….waffles) between ice cream or cheeseburger, but when we got out of the car and it was so danged cold I knew I was going to order something warm.

Step Up To Order - Step Back To Wait

RetroRoadhusband got some practice in not eating the food before I photographed it!He got a cheeseburger sub, on a long roll with lettuce and tomato.

Zerbe's Potato Chips and Cheeseburger Sub
You can read about Zerbe’s Potato Chips here

I loved the little tray my cheeseburger came on, and the fact that my burger was loaded with relish, cheese, ketchup, mustard and onions. Perfecto.


As we sat eating I told RRH to write a jingle for Boeh-RINGERS based on the classic Shirley Bassey version of Goldfinger, and now I can’t get it out of my head:

“…it was Cliff and BETH! they went to — BoehRINGERsssss” ;-)

Boehringer’s Drive-In
3160 N Reading Rd
Adamstown, PA 19501
(717) 484-4227‎

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Prepping for my NorthEast Pennsylvania visit to scout places for the Retro Roadmap / Roadside Fans Meetup in Scranton on Sunday 11/14, my trusty NEPA guide Aubrey recommended the Dunmore Candy Kitchen in Dunmore PA. She recounted fond memories from her youth of their home made chocolates, penny candy, ice cream and the regional sundae treat known as a CMP. Who could resist?

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Sign

Open since 1904, current owner Laura Reuther is only the 3rd owner to run this historic establishment in the quiet town of Dunmore, having purchased it just last year from the previous owner who had run the small shop since the 1960’s.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Dunmore Bargain Store

Known for their home made chocolates and special recipies, Laura spent months training with the previous owner to ensure that she had the correct flavors and processes down pat, and has started adding her own specialties to the menu. I was given a sample of chocolate covered potato chips, and can I just say, yum? Salty sweet and crunchy, right up my snack alley.

Though she’s the new owner she’s got many of the old molds to make the classic chocolates area residents clamor for.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Chocolate Nittany Lions
(Since I moved to PA I’ve learned that that this ominous looking creature is actually the Nittany Lion, mascot of Penn State!)

The candy counter lines one wall while the ice cream counter runs up the other. I sat on one of the new retro counter stools and ordered Aubrey’s favorite  – a CMP which stands for Chocolate Marshmallow and Peanuts. While it was tasty, I take points off for it being served in a paper cup. With all that vintage goodness around, a couple of glass parfait glasses would add an authentic touch!Dunmore Candy Kitchen Ice Cream Counter

I am always pleased to see a vintage mixer in any ice cream establishment, for some reason I just love that color green.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Multimixer

I was also taken by the well kept original floor- looks like a mix of mosaic and terrazzo to me. Anyone out there a vintage tile floor expert? Whatever style it is a great combination of vintage colors.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Mosaic Floor

Hanging towards the back of the store is a vintage advertising calendar from 1940, when the Dunmore Candy Kitchen was celebrating its 36th Anniversary.
Dunmore Candy Kitchen Vintage 1940 Calendar

Sitting at the ice cream counter eating my CMP I was pleased to notice a small but steady stream of customers coming in. Older folks looking for their favorite chocolate covered dates to young boys buying penny candy. The ladies I chatted with behind the candy counter were friendly and more than happy to tell me about the store and candies. Now I can see why this unassuming little place in a quiet little Northeast town has been around for over 100 years. Thanks Aubrey, for the local skinny on this place!

Dunmore Candy Kitchen
206 E Drinker St
Dunmore, PA 18512-2434
(570) 343-0536

You can Like the Dunmore Candy Kitchen on their Facebook page too!

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For some reason I totally forgot I had to tell you all about Massey’s Frozen Custard in Carlisle PA, and now it’s too late because they’re closed for the season. I had hoped they were still open, but when I called just now the message said “We are closed for the season, see you in the spring” so that’s that. But I’m telling you about it now so it can be on your list of places to check out next spring!

Massey's Frozen Custard Since 1949

It was just about a year ago when Retro Roadhusband and I drove past Massey’s on our road trip south, and I vowed to return in season to check it out. One sunny day a few weeks ago I did just that, and was happy to see that this classic ice cream stand – open since 1949, was doing a brisk business. While they do serve regular ice cream, who could resist home made frozen custard? Not me!

Frozen Custard from Massey'sI couldn’t resist it so much that I dove into my dish of vanilla immediately, totally forgetting that I wanted to take a photo! You can see how thick and good it is from what I hadn’t devoured, right?

Massey’s is handily located across the street from Dickenson College and next to one of the athletic fields (so you’d think they’d be open longer into the school season? Eh, whatevs, their decision, not mine!) and is basically a walk up ice cream window housed inside the small brick building. There are a few picnic tables in the back if you don’t want to get right back into your car.

My fave thing besides my frozen custard was their great vintage sign:

Massey's Frozen Custard Sign
So cheery looking with the bright blue sky behind it, Retro Roadmap Flickr pal I Saw The Sign captured this vintage lovely with the neon all aglow AND animted, in this video below, and graciously allowed us to share it here. I had no idea it was an animated sign – cool!

( if you want to see loads of cool roadside photos check out I Saw The Sign’s Flickr Photos– and thanks, David for the use of the photo!)

So while this season is already over for Massey’s, we have next season to look forward to!

Massey’s Frozen Custard
600 W High St
Carlisle, PA 17013
(717) 249-2258

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In business since 1927, Hildebrandt’s luncheonette, soda fountain and ice cream parlor is the real Retro Roadmap deal. As soon as you drive down Hillside avenue in Williston Park, NY you can’t help but notice the light green vitrolite exterior of this corner shop, and the wonderful neon sign with the classic Hildebrandt’s logo.


Oh how I wish the tree wasn’t there so I could’ve taken a better photo of my favorite word, Luncheonette!

Ice Cream Cakes Our Specialty

As we walked through the door we really got that “stepped back in time” feeling, with the tile floor, counter with swivel stools and small dining area in the back with cute deco tables. Since we had only just had breakfast, it seemed as if an ice cream or sweet treat was in order, so we sat at the marble counter right next to the great vintage coke dispenser.

Hildebrandt's Marble Counter

You can see more photos of Hildebrandt’s interior here at their website.

As we sat waiting for our treats I was happy to see the place filling up with parents and kids, grandparents and kids, just some kids, just some adults, and it felt like the place was coming to life. They are known for their Italian specialties as well as their classic lunch counter fare.

Just down the end of the counter we could see the grill where they make their famous “fries” which are really round potato slices fried golden brown. I  read in Hamburger America by George Motz (where I actually found out about this place -thanks George! )he has included their burger is one of the top 100 burgers in the nation. If only my belly wasn’t so full from breakfast!

Not that that stopped me from ordering and eating most of a dish of home made ice cream:

Hildebrandt's Ice Cream

As you can see they still use old fashioned metal ice cream dishes so the ice cream doesn’t melt so fast. They also use classic soda fountain glasses for their raspberry lime rickeys. Suzanne was kind enough to indulge my “let me take a photo of it first” Retro RoadRule to show you her refreshing drink.

Hildebrandt's Lime Rickey

When it isn’t so incredibly hot out, they also make home made chocolates, and I hear it’s THE place to come get your Easter candy.

There was a message on Hildebrandt’s menu that to me sums up the raison d’etre of Retro Roadmap, in a nutshell:

Since 1927...Because One Person Tells Another

Since 1927…Because One Person Tells Another.

It’s as easy as that, folks! Hopefully I’m telling you all about this wonderful vintage corner shop so you’ll make a stop there and we can keep the place going ’til their 100th anniversary and beyond!

84 Hillside Avenue
Williston Park, NY 11596-2321
(516) 741-0608

Join the Hildebrandt’s Group on Facebook!

Hildebrandt's on Urbanspoon

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