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Prepping for my NorthEast Pennsylvania visit to scout places for the Retro Roadmap / Roadside Fans Meetup in Scranton on Sunday 11/14, my trusty NEPA guide Aubrey recommended the Dunmore Candy Kitchen in Dunmore PA. She recounted fond memories from her youth of their home made chocolates, penny candy, ice cream and the regional sundae treat known as a CMP. Who could resist?

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Sign

Open since 1904, current owner Laura Reuther is only the 3rd owner to run this historic establishment in the quiet town of Dunmore, having purchased it just last year from the previous owner who had run the small shop since the 1960’s.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Dunmore Bargain Store

Known for their home made chocolates and special recipies, Laura spent months training with the previous owner to ensure that she had the correct flavors and processes down pat, and has started adding her own specialties to the menu. I was given a sample of chocolate covered potato chips, and can I just say, yum? Salty sweet and crunchy, right up my snack alley.

Though she’s the new owner she’s got many of the old molds to make the classic chocolates area residents clamor for.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Chocolate Nittany Lions
(Since I moved to PA I’ve learned that that this ominous looking creature is actually the Nittany Lion, mascot of Penn State!)

The candy counter lines one wall while the ice cream counter runs up the other. I sat on one of the new retro counter stools and ordered Aubrey’s favorite  – a CMP which stands for Chocolate Marshmallow and Peanuts. While it was tasty, I take points off for it being served in a paper cup. With all that vintage goodness around, a couple of glass parfait glasses would add an authentic touch!Dunmore Candy Kitchen Ice Cream Counter

I am always pleased to see a vintage mixer in any ice cream establishment, for some reason I just love that color green.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Multimixer

I was also taken by the well kept original floor- looks like a mix of mosaic and terrazzo to me. Anyone out there a vintage tile floor expert? Whatever style it is a great combination of vintage colors.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen Mosaic Floor

Hanging towards the back of the store is a vintage advertising calendar from 1940, when the Dunmore Candy Kitchen was celebrating its 36th Anniversary.
Dunmore Candy Kitchen Vintage 1940 Calendar

Sitting at the ice cream counter eating my CMP I was pleased to notice a small but steady stream of customers coming in. Older folks looking for their favorite chocolate covered dates to young boys buying penny candy. The ladies I chatted with behind the candy counter were friendly and more than happy to tell me about the store and candies. Now I can see why this unassuming little place in a quiet little Northeast town has been around for over 100 years. Thanks Aubrey, for the local skinny on this place!

Dunmore Candy Kitchen
206 E Drinker St
Dunmore, PA 18512-2434
(570) 343-0536

You can Like the Dunmore Candy Kitchen on their Facebook page too!


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