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While downtown Lake George may boast the site of the first original miniature golf courses in the world, I was totally won over by the psychedelic cheeriness of  the 1970’s era Goony Golf located on Route 9.

It's The Gooniest!(I don’t know when he lost his title but it seems as if Sir Goony Golf – once part of a chain of mini golf courses -is now just regular ol Goony Golf according to their website)

Though nothing rivals my hometown love of the Route 1 Miniature Golf Giant Orange Dinosaur in Saugus MA, I was glad to see cousin presiding over Goonyville during our game:

Giant Orange Dinosaur - Saugus Relative?

As we drove up to Goony Golf ( with a quick stop at the gift shop –oooh try saying that 10 times fast!) I was battling a headache and the sun was behind clouds. But as soon as we paid our greens fees under the watchful glare of Jack atop his bean stock (looking like an axe murderer practically) things began to cheer up immediately.
Retro Roadhusband and Jack's Beanstalk

I mean how could I feel so blurgh with all of these crazy miniature golf holes to play, and photograph? Take a look at just some of the snapshots below and you’ll see what I mean. Even the sun came out during our visit – and best yet, we had the place to ourselves, so I took photos galore! Please note, there are a lot of holes I did photograph but didn’t post here because, well there should be some surprises when you go play!

Miniature Golf Heaven
I couldn’t help but feel like I had stepped into HR Puffenstuff when walking around these brightly painted oversized cartoon characters and groovy  flowers- and could just imagine the Brady kids having a Sunshine Day here.

Water Hazard

Goony Golf Mad Hatter

Mother Goose Gets Mad

And there was even a harkening back to my own 1970’s childhood when, By Golly A Lollypop was Following Me- and I really didn’t know what to do!

Good Golly This Lollypop is Following Me!

So while I could note that the repainting jobs on these vintage 1970’s creatures could’ve been done with a little more love, and BOY I wish they’d give the Goonybird some eyes, I’ll take the brightly colored snakes, bears and dragons over a plain brown organic miniature golf course any day!

Goony Golf
Corner of Rte 9N & Rte 9
Lake George, NY 12845



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After all these years of saying I wanted to go to Lake George NY and partake in the vintage vacation wonderfulness, Retro Roadhusband and I spent a long weekend up there, just before Memorial Day Weekend. While some of the town has been modernized to keep with the times, there were still plenty of Retro Roadmap worthy places to enjoy, not only in  LG proper but in the surrounding area.

Lake George Shop Gifts Souvenir

The timing of our visit was good price-wise, and quiet “have-the-town-to-yourself”wise, but some places were not open for the season, and others were closed on the days we visited. While this was a bit of a bummer, I think that just gives us an excuse to go back up there during the ON season!

Now onto some of our vacation slides- I think after seeing just a portion of what we were able to photo, you might want to put Lake George on your retro roadtrip summer schedule!

Retro Roadhusband at the Tiki Hotel we stayed at:

Retro Roadhusband at Tiki Hotel

Great old neon signs:

Mario's Restaurant, Italian Cuisine, Cocktails

Surfside On The Lake Neon Sign

Plenty of miniature golf options (more on where we played in an upcoming post!)

Golf Around the U.S. - Florida Orange

Ah, yes, Lake George – The LAKE!

Three Musketeers on VacationLake George has been called The Queen of American Lakes, is 32 miles long and is fed by huge underground springs. Since Thomas Jefferson’s time it has been a prized place not only for its beauty but for being a part of American history, in both the French /Indian wars as well as the Revolutionary war. Nowadays it’s a little more chill up there, but watch out for Americade, one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the US, I’m sure things will be a bit more lively that weekend :-)

Things we want to go back and explore:

Lakefront Log Cabin maybe?
Oooo Sullivan's Motel

or a roadside Cabin Court with shuffleboard?
Do-Rest Cabin Court Lake George NY

Authentic Worcester Diner in neighboring Bolton Landing – closed when we visited!
Bolton Beans - Closed on Mon!

Things we want to go back for but are not photographed: Magic Forest Amusement Park, One Of The Last Remaining Howard Johnson’s Restaurant, Mr. B’s Best Beef Restaurant, Davidson Brothers Brewpub and Cooper’s Cave Breweries in Glens Falls, a boat ride on the lake and also to redo the things we loved ( Martha’s, The Glen Drive In, more mini-golf) and so much more!

Do yourself a favor, and if you want an actual vintage vacation destination, check out the Lake George NY area, Retro Roadmap Recommended!

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Reading about this on my lunch break has got me all excited anticipating” Ohana 2010 – The Luau at The Lake” in  Lake George NY – it promises to bring a fun weekend of  tiki lifestyle and fashion to the New York Lakes region!

According to the website:

This Years OHANA Luau at the Lake is jam packed with fun events.

The amazing Luau by the Pearls of Paradise performers will move OUTSIDE under the summer stars. Guests will be treated to a traditional polynesian pig roast luau and be entertained by lovely wahines and fire dancers!

On Thursday evening (the night before the OHANA ticketed event will be PROM NIGHT. Thats right, press your 70’s and 80’s prom outfits and prepare for an amazing night of Love, Romance and dancing in Club Whispers – The Tiki Motor Inns Disco Club, that has remained untouched from the Disco Dance era!

I’ll beef up this post as the details are revealed, but wanted you to be able to pencil “fun tiki weekend” on the weekend of June 25-27 on your calendar, like I just did!

Ohana Luau at The Lake 2010
Lake George NY

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lake-george-2010-christmas-present-retro-roadsister-retroroadmapYou might notice from the fact that this is a clipping from an actual newspaper, and the fact that the directions say to take the Mass Pike and the pin holes in it from how many corkboards of mine it has been pinned to, that I’ve been wanting to go to Lake George NY for upwards of 10 years now (since the last time I lived in Mass!)

This has been one of those “we HAVE TO go there this year” type of places that for some reason always gets taken off the list in favor of visiting family or traveling to a Retro Roadhusband gig.

WELL NOT NO MORE! My swell RetroRoadsister has known about my jones to go to Lake George (because she has it too) and gave RRH and me a Christmas present of a night’s stay at the wonderfully tiki tacky (and I mean that in the best possible way) Tiki Resort!

Finally I’ve got the kick in the pants to visit this mythical land that from every account is a Retro Roadmap treasure trove of wonderfulness. Can’t wait!!

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Updated to add this link to the 2011 Luau at The Lake happening June 23-26, 2011 in Lake George NY!


2009 Luau at The Lake

A tiki weekend at retro vacation destination – what more could the retro roadtripper ask for?

Luau at the Lake

Hosted by The Fraternal Order of Moai, the premier fraternal organization and social network for all men and women interested in tiki culture and the Polynesian pop era, The Luau is a tiki event not to miss!

Here’s what you can look forward to:
Preferred seating at the Pearl of Paradise Polynesian Dinner Show
Limited-edition mug designed by Squid
Mini golf tournament
Raffles, silent auction and many many surprises!

Live music!
Exotica Jazz with Waitiki, the Boston-based modern exotica ensemble
60’s Surf Rock – 9th Wave Connecticut based hot rod surf band
Smooth Surf Sounds of The Cocktail Preachers
Sparkling Burlesque Vibes of The Fisherman
Hapa Haole with Bamboo Saxotica

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Easter Island Foundation . The Easter Island Foundation promotes conservation and protection of the fragile cultural heritage of Easter Island and other Polynesian islands.

Luau at The Lake 2009
Tiki Motor Inn Resort
2 Canada Street
Lake George, NY 12845

Look at this place on the Retro Roadmap!

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