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Home of the famous Suzy Q fries (nom) tasty burgers and vintage car nights, Skip’s in Merrimac opens today for the season! Harbinger of spring for sure

Read all about our adventures at Skips here and become a fan of Skip’s on Facebook!


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While it’s probably snowing today up in Mass there’s good news too – the Paragon Carousel at Nantasket Beach opens for the weekend season tomorrow – Saturday April 2.

paragon carousel horse

The carousel (Philadelphia Toboggan Company #85 for those keeping score) was originally part of Paragon Park Amusement Park that made Hull a recreation destination until it’s untimely shuttering in 1985. Here’s a link to some of the photos I took of it the last summer it was open and the summer it was closed:

Paragon Park, Nantasket Beach MA – A Cautionary Retro Road Trip Down Memory Lane

Paragon Park 1984

If you like those photos here’s a link to the Paragon Park Memories Facebook Page, which is becoming a great resource for old photos and memories of this local landmark.

While the park is still gone I have plans to go to Nantasket this summer when back up home visiting the fam – I may even show up this summer to play Fascination! And it’s on my agenda to introduce the RetroRoadkids to this fave local summer destination, to see what summer fun was kinda like back when I was their age. C’mon summer (she  says as it’s snowing out here in PA, no April foolin’)

Paragon Carousel
205 Nantasket Avenue
Hull, MA 02045

Here’s a link to the Paragon Carousel Facebook Page

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Good news! I have just learned via a posting on the RoadsideFans website that Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum, which suffered a horrible fire last July is now back open for visitors!

Mr Ed's Elephant Museum Logo
Mr. Ed’s elephant collection began with an elephant given to him as a good luck gift on his wedding day in 1967 and turned into a museum that at the time of the fire, housed over 10,000 elephants and pieces of elephant memorabilia. Located on the Lincoln Highway between Chambursburg and Gettysburg, PA it has been delighting families and roadtrippers for years.

I am happy to report that the elephants that were able to be saved from the arson fire, in addition to the over 1000 elephants donated to the collection, are now on display at the reopened museum.  Also on display will be elephant sculptures hand crafted with pieces of elephants that had been salvaged from the fire remains. How cool!

Here is an article from the York Dispatch that elaborates on the re-opening of Mr. Ed’s Museum.

Consider adding Mr. Ed’s to your next RetroRoadtrip plan – and bring along an elephant – for good luck, and maybe as a donation to the new museum!

Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum
6019 Chambersburg Road
Orrtanna, PA 17353
(717) 352-3792

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I’m happy to report that one of my fave bars, the Blue Comet in Glenside PA is open once again! This great neighborhood bar, famous for their live rockabilly music on Sunday nights, was closed for almost 2 years and Retro Roadhusband and I were delighted to see that they were open (since June) as we drove past this afternoon.


We took a quick peek in and I’m pleased to report that the place looks the same, if not better than ever, down to the “Talk To The Person Next To You” sign I LOVE, pasted across the screen of the TV. If you didn’t know that this bar had been opened within the past 20 years you’d swear it was a holdover from another era, with its vintage style interior, classic standards and rockabilly playing in the background and blue neon Cocktails sign.

With a fresh coat of paint, outdoor patio ’round back, good food and live music, we raise a toast to the Blue Comet – Welcome back!

Become a fan of The Blue Comet on Facebook if you like!

The Blue Comet Bar & Grill
106 S Easton Rd
Glenside, PA 19038
(215) 572-9780

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A sure sign of spring! Boehringer’s Ice Cream in Adamstown, PA is open for the season- wheeee!

Boehringer's Sign

Here’s a link to the write up I did on it last year:

Boehringer’s Drive In Adamstown PA – Home Made Ice Cream!

and now you can show your love of  Boehringer’s on Facebook

Now get on out there and enjoy this fabulous weekend!

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