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While just a wee bit racier than our normal Retro Roadmap fare, I just had to share the fact that Vintage and Pinup Culture Magazine has a great multi-page article and photo spread all about RetroRoadmap.com! (No need to fear, I am not one of the vintage style pin-up or burlesque models in the magazine, though I’d be happy to have one of those vintage airstream trailers, please!)
vintage-pinup-culture-magazine-retroroadmap.comvintage-pinup-culture-magazine-retroroadmap-photo-spread-elgin-diner Click here to find out how to get your copy of Vintage and Pinup Culture magazine, and tell folks you got it for the articles – on Retro Roadmap, of course!

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I’m looking forward to heading home to Massachusetts on the next 2 weekends coming up – and also checking out some places for Retro Roadmap along the way (as you can see below):

Massachusettes-bound-retro-road-trip( the behind the scenes maps at Retro Roadmap headquarters)

Do you ever make the drive from DE/PA to Boston? What are your fave Retro Roadmap-worthy stops? Let me know and I’ll add ’em to my map. I’m hoping to cram as many places into the up and down drive both weekends as I can. So far I’m thinking of trying to hit a White Mana or two in NJ, maybe some stops in Worcester, Springfield- who knows!

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