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The Brimfield Antiques Show is the largest outdoor antiques show in the world, with over 6,000 dealers and 130,000+ visitors during the course of of one week- in May, July and September. So if you want to be overwhelmed by the volume of vintage antique and cool old stuff to choose from, this is your place!

My pilgrimage to Brimfield this year was twofold- one to have an excuse to tell you RetroRoadmap readers about it, and two, to pay homage to the family tradition of attending Brimfield with my dad (who passed away last fall).
Photos (more…)

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In business since 1962 J & O Fabrics in Pennsauken NJ is an absolute must-stop if your looking for the perfect fabric for your tiki lounge, bowling shirt, roller skating skirt or perhaps curtains for your vintage camper. All of these crafty concepts came to mind as I wandered down aisles and aisles of vintage inspired prints in their giant showroom on route 130 in Pennsauken PA.

50's Inspired Guitar Bark Cloth

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A break from the food posts for a moment to bring you some cheery colorful vintage collectibles from our recent fun to the Mad Hatter Antique Mall in Adamstown, PA. We got some great stuff and looking at these photos makes me want to go back there again soon!

Love these  crazy spaghetti lamps! Wish we had a ceiling high enough to hang one on without bonking our heads on it.
Spaghetti Lamp Heaven!

Love the logos from old magazines on this trash can / waste basket. It was a bit pricey but if I did get it I’d put magazines in it for sure, no trash!

Thermos and Magazine Barrel
I could spend all day looking at vintage postcards- they are total road trip inspiration! (Don’t forget, if you’re in the Boston area you can check out a show at the Boston Public Library of their classic postcards – it’s been extended to April 30th!)
Vintage Travel Post Cards

Here’s a vinyl travel case from one of my favorite “teen themed” vintage brands – Ponytail. Again, I’d love to add this to my collection! I think my pal Fuzzy Lizzie ” The Vintage Traveler” would too, so this photo goes out to her.
Ponytail Travel Bag for Fuzzy Lizzie

Speaking of items that might appeal to online vintage-loving pals – I think Pam Keuber from RetroRenovation would be able to find a good home for this Del Val vintage lighting fixture. Looks like it would fit in one of her pink bathrooms!
Del Val Lighting, Bread Box and Pony Tail(I have the cannister set that matches that bread box – my grandmother had the yellow version.and hey! There’s Ponytail again!)

Click here for more cool photos and the contact info and map to Mad Hatter!

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As we make plans for our retro road trip to Austin TX next month I can’t help but compare the process to what it used to be waaaay back in the 90’s when I took my first road trips out of the North East. Books, maps, guides and payphones have been replaced by the internet, GPS and social networking, and I think it makes the process even more fun!

Planning a Retro Roadtrip - Old SchoolI’ll still be referring to my books, but I also want to take advantage of the internet – where I can shout out “Does anyone know of a good place to eat in Jackson MS?” and perhaps I’ll get a local person who will give a recommendation that I might not have been able to find with the limited resources of days of yore.

That being said, anyone know of a good hotel/ motel /restaurant / vintage business / classic sign / old theater / cocktail lounge / drive in / dive bar / BBQ joint / ice cream stand / bakery / roller skating rink / diner / souvenir stand / tourist trap / roadside attraction that we should not miss on our journey?

How about a bologna factory?! We’re pretty much game for anything along our route!

Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna Palmyra PA 1996

Here is the plan so far:

We’ll be heading from PA to Austin via 81 /77 / 85 with a stop in Atlanta so Retro Roadhusband can play some gigs, and we can eat at The Varsity and Mary Mac’s Tea Room.

From Atlanta we’ll head through Birmingham AL and Jackson MS – neither of which state is represented on the Retro Roadmap! Whaddaya got?

We go south from Jackson, taking the coastal route west, with Baton Rouge LA and Houston TX being the biggest dots on the map before we head to Austin, where we’ll be for a few days for the SXSW music convention. (While we’ll be oh-so-close to New Orleans, I want to save that for its very own trip later this year)

Then when we leave Austin we’ll be hitting such high points as Graceland in Memphis, Hatch Show Prints in Nashville, Wigwam Village #2, The American Sign Museum and the home of Fiestaware, before we reluctantly swing east across PA to head home.

While we’ve got these pins in our map already please let us know if there are any places to eat, visit, photo, people we should meet, regional foods to eat, souvenirs to buy along the way. If we can cram it into this trip we’ll do it. And if we don’t get it all done, that means we need to take another trip!

I look forward to any suggestions that you have, and promise to share the trip with “y’all” while we’re on the road and when we return.

Thank You in advance,

Mod Betty & RetroRoadhusband

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Here’s our list of our fave vintage, old fashioned and traditional places in the Philadelphia area during the holiday season. Click on the links to read more about these timeless treats, see additional photos, and learn how to get to these wondrous places courtesy of the RetroRoadmap archive!

The Wanamaker Organ Christmas Light Show at Macy’s Department Store, Philadelphia PA

Meet Me At The Eagle

Strawbridge & Clothier’s Dickens Christmas Village at Macy’s Department Store, Philadelphia PA

Fezziwig's Party

Fireside drinks and dining at McGillan’s Old Ale House, Philadelphia PA

I'll Have A Flaming Rum Punch!

Christmas Lights Galore at Koziar’s Christmas Village, Bernville PA

Christmas Barn in Bernville

Clear Toy Candy from Franklin Fountain, Philadelphia PA

Holiday Movies on the Big Screen at The Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville, PA

The Colonial Christmas

Old Fashioned Downtown Holiday Shopping at Sine’s 5 & 10 Quakertown, PA
5 & 10 HorizontalWhat is missing from the list? Let me know! As you can guess, Bethlehem PA is a big destination this time of year and a RetroRoadmap Reader reminded me of the National Christmas Center in Paradise PA, so I think I know where I’ll be heading this coming weekend!

What retro / vintage holiday traditional places do you go in your neck of the woods?

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Greenport NY is so chock-a-block full of cool vintage and retro finds that I’ve been wrestling for over 2 months now with how to tell you all about it. You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well here are my photos that will illustrate what an absolute FIND Greenport is, for the vintage lover or retro day-tripper:

The Antique Carousel:

The Carousel Kid

We took the car over on the ferry and the first sign of a cool place in my book was our visit to the vintage carousel right on the waterfront. I wasn’t the only one who was happy to see these 1920’s era wooden steeds (0rginally built for a traveling carnival) whirling around, and one of the Retro Roadgirls was more than happy to try and grab the brass ring.

Grab The Brass Ring

Walking along quaint Front Street I was directed to go check out the interior of the Arcade department store, as my hostess knew I’d love the wide wood plank flooring and incredible variety of useful items.

Arcade Department Store

I spoke with a lovely little lady at the far register who said that the store had been there for at least 70 years, but also noted that there are for sale signs in the windows. With a little bit of something for everyone – shoes, work gear, back to school items, notions, stationery, home goods, hardware, it would be hard to imaging what could fill the void if this place were to close. I bought some flower seeds and hope to plant them at the Hacienda!

Flower Seed Packets at the Arcade Department Store

I was SO wishing we hadn’t had such a tasty diner breakfast when I spied the vintage restaurant sign and charming interior of the Coronet.

Coronet Luncheonette Vintage Signs

One thing I love about Long Island are the luncheonettes, and will make a plan to come back with an empty belly and do a proper review of the Coronet, but for now I’m simply smitten with the vintage decor and positive online reviews.

Coronet Luncheonette Interior

Crossing the street towards the water we spied some authentic old businesses with trendy shops clustered around:

White's Hardware White’s Hardware is where I picked up a drain stopper for the old porcelain kitchen sink back home- do I know how to pick our souvenirs or what?

For the seafaring visitor, S.T. Preston & Sons is nothing but nautical. I’m a landlubber myself, but I did love the fact that the old cash register was still in use:

ST Preston & Son(I wonder, is that ST Preston or the son behind the counter?)

Little did I know that we were just across the street from the Oldest Same Family Owned Restaurant in the United States, Since 1870 – Claudio’s.

Claudio's Restaurant Vintage Sign

We were in luck that the Retro Roadgirls wanted to watch the World Cup and I wanted to do some investigation into this historic establishment, so we stopped here for a spell. I loved the old stained glass windows and friendly service.

Stained Glass Window

And I’m told the bar was installed in 1886 when it was salvaged it from an old hotel being torn down in New York’s Bowery. The day we visited it was swarming with soccer fans both local and international, and it was a heartwarming sight to see everyone getting together to cheer on the US Team.

The World Cup(seeing this less than good photo makes me want to go back, with Retro Roadhusband this time, so he can have some of the fun I did that weekend!)

You know, there are still a lot of neat lil places in Greenport I have to tell you about, so I’m going to break this post in two! Stay tuned, and in the meantime, here’s the map, so you can start to plan your very own visit to Greenport!

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I packed so much fun into my short weekend on Long Island that I’m a bit overwhelmed with how to present it all, but here goes! While I did as much eating and reviewing as I could, a gal has her limits -of both stomach space and travel time, so here are a few places I thought I’d give a quick “photo op” shout out to, from my first day of Retro Long Island research.

The Mineola Diner
Anyone ever eat at the Mineola Diner? I only had time to hop out of the car and snap a photo of this vintage 1946 Mountain View diner, as my pal Suzanne navigated the narrow and busy street corner, but the classic glass block and vintage neon sign were worth it.

Mineola Diner Neon Sign

Be careful not to trip over the “cow catcher” corner on the way to their small but handy parking area.(or step into speeding traffic while backing up to get a better photo, like I am wont to do!)

Mineola Diner Side

I did not poke my head inside the diner as we were pressed for time but I’ve read varying reports online about it’s appeal, so I’ll mark this one down as a “nice to look at” type of place until I hear otherwise.

The Mineola Diner
138 Jericho Turnpike
Mineola, NY 11501-1824
(516) 877-1370

The site of my very first New York Egg Cream was Krisch’s Luncheon and Candy Store, which has been at this location in Massapequa, NY since 1955. While the interior has been refurbished to echo that 1950’s theme ( think aqua blue and pink with jukebox wallpaper) I was more happy to see the original vintage neon signs still remaining.

Krisch's Ice CreamThis was a totally unexpected stop as I had literally just eaten ice cream for lunch (shortly after breakfast) a half hour before and we were on our way to have cheeseburgers. But when a swell local couple (friend’s of Suzanne), who had just had a baby no less, recommend a Retro Roadmap worthy place from their own childhood, well, a RetroRoadGal like myself knows how to respond. With a Yes! Let’s go to Krisch’s!

My chocolate egg cream (don’t worry, no egg) was delicious and reminded me of the ice cream sodas my grandmother would get at Brigham’s up home in Boston. I’ve got to start ordering more ice cream sodas, as the bubbles and the syrup combine to make a sweet and delicious treat. It was fun to realize that this was one of the first outings for the newborn lil guy, too, so he’s starting off his Retro Roadmapping just right.

Krisch's Luncheon SignI just love the word Luncheon – so civilized. And Lunch, and Luncheonette!

I bet those neon signs look fabulous all lit up and it was nice to see families and groups of oldsters enjoying their lunches, home made ice cream and candies, like they have been for the past 50+ years.

Krisch’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlour
11 Central Avenue
Massapequa, NY 11758
(516) 797-3149

The Northport Sweet Shop
The Northport Sweet Shop was a totally unexpected find, courtesy of the 360 degree street view option of Google Maps! I was researching the Shipwreck diner when I thought I’d use that map feature to see what the rest of this charming little street offered, and almost fell off my seat when I saw the Sweet Shop located just across from the diner (and right next to a pretty neat deli sign as well). I was enraptured by the beautiful 1930’s era vitrolite facade and classic streamline font.  Nevermind my fave word – Luncheonette!

Northport Sweet Shop & Delicatessen

Alas we were still stuffed from the eats before (did I mention I had a cheeseburger shortly after my egg cream? Ouch!) all I could do when I saw this place in person, was go inside, gawk at the vintage ice cream counter and swivel stools, and promise them I’d be back to eat real soon.

Would it be Luncheon?

Luncheon Neon Northport Sweet Shop

Or perhaps a Candy Soda?

Candy Soda Neon

All I know is that the prices won’t be quite like they were in 1933!

Sweet Shop Menu ca. 1933

And that’s about all I can tell you about this charming throwback of a place, as I can’t drum up any info on the internet! Local folks, please fill me in (and better yet- let the owners know to claim their business on Google, so we can all find’em!)

The Northport Sweet Shop
55 Main St.
Northport, NY

So there you have it, the mere tip of the iceberg of vintage Long Island finds! Stay tuned for plenty more about this gem of a place, right here on Retro Roadmap!

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