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Yes, it’s true- your favorite “don’t take my picture”┬áhostess has had to emerge from behind the lens- for not one but two exciting magazine features! Oh the things that must be done to get the word out about vintage, retro and cool old places :-)


First off I have to thank photographer Laura Keen – who not only is an acclaimed photographer, but also lives just a few houses down from the Hacienda (we’re so lucky to live in a cool place where things like this just seem to happen.)

Being a photographer myself I am wicked picky about photos and even moreso pictures of me, and she did a fabulous job. And it was actually kinda fun!


If you’re ever looking for a photographer for your event or project, contact her and tell her Mod Betty sent you!

Secondly I want to thank Charles of The Fisherman Restaurant in Phoenixville – for graciously allowing us to use their great vintage interior for the photos. (Just thinking of the place makes me hungry for chicken croquettes, mashed potatoes and beets!)

You may see more of these photos in the future (rumor has it it’s good for business to put a face with a name, so I guess I gotta) but in the meantime here are the two projects I’m excited about:


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