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While we’re still on a bit of a Mid Century Modern jag here at Retro Roadmap I wanted to give my dear readers in the Sarasota Florida area a heads up on a modern home tour this Sunday, to benefit to Benefit Habitat for Humanity Sarasota, Inc.

Mod Realtor Martie Lieberman of  Modern Sarasota and I exchanged a couple of notes when I admitted to being smitten with a mod bungalow down in Venice (not that we can afford a Retro Vacation Location, but a gal can dream!) Martie specializes in Mid Century Modern and Current Century Modern homes in the Sarasota area, and also runs guided tours of Florida modern and mid-century architecture.

I am intrigued by the house above, known as the Rupp-Siebert House which Martie informs me

…is a 1960 house designed by William Rupp, who used to run Paul Rudolph’s office. The Rupp Seibert has gone through a number of mutations and was completely renovated and restored back to its original intent by Seibert Architects.  It is an authentic Sarasota School of Architecture mid-century modern architecture.”

The Rupp Seibert house will be open for this tour, so if your interested in mid-century mod architecture of the Sarasota School, check out Sunday’s tour!

Here’s a link to the official invite, and if you do go, tell ’em Retro Roadmap sent you!

Modern Sarasota Home tour 2010

March 14th, 11:00am – 4:00pm
to Benefit Habitat for Humanity Sarasota, Inc.


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I knew I had to get this post up soon, not only because next Thursday February 25th The Bahi Hut in Sarasota FL is celebrating its 55th Anniversary, but also so I could get this jingle out of my head (courtesy of a link on The Bahi Hut’s Facebook Page)

(Click the lyrics to hear what I’m talking about)

The Bahi Hut,
the Bahi Hut
the Bahi Hut
is the spot.

The intimate
spot to meet
all your friends-
the Bahi Hut!

The friendly cocktail lounge at the Golden Host
With the island charm, you love the most.

On Sarasota’s famous North Trail you got,
the intimate – spot to meet
the Bahi Hut!

The Spot To Be

Now that you’ve got that slightly off-kilter ditty running through your head like I do, let’s see what awaits behind the door with a giant spoon handle, shall we?
Grab The Spoon (more…)

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