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A break from the food posts for a moment to bring you some cheery colorful vintage collectibles from our recent fun to the Mad Hatter Antique Mall in Adamstown, PA. We got some great stuff and looking at these photos makes me want to go back there again soon!

Love these  crazy spaghetti lamps! Wish we had a ceiling high enough to hang one on without bonking our heads on it.
Spaghetti Lamp Heaven!

Love the logos from old magazines on this trash can / waste basket. It was a bit pricey but if I did get it I’d put magazines in it for sure, no trash!

Thermos and Magazine Barrel
I could spend all day looking at vintage postcards- they are total road trip inspiration! (Don’t forget, if you’re in the Boston area you can check out a show at the Boston Public Library of their classic postcards – it’s been extended to April 30th!)
Vintage Travel Post Cards

Here’s a vinyl travel case from one of my favorite “teen themed” vintage brands – Ponytail. Again, I’d love to add this to my collection! I think my pal Fuzzy Lizzie ” The Vintage Traveler” would too, so this photo goes out to her.
Ponytail Travel Bag for Fuzzy Lizzie

Speaking of items that might appeal to online vintage-loving pals – I think Pam Keuber from RetroRenovation would be able to find a good home for this Del Val vintage lighting fixture. Looks like it would fit in one of her pink bathrooms!
Del Val Lighting, Bread Box and Pony Tail(I have the cannister set that matches that bread box – my grandmother had the yellow version.and hey! There’s Ponytail again!)

Click here for more cool photos and the contact info and map to Mad Hatter!

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Here’s our list of our fave vintage, old fashioned and traditional places in the Philadelphia area during the holiday season. Click on the links to read more about these timeless treats, see additional photos, and learn how to get to these wondrous places courtesy of the RetroRoadmap archive!

The Wanamaker Organ Christmas Light Show at Macy’s Department Store, Philadelphia PA

Meet Me At The Eagle

Strawbridge & Clothier’s Dickens Christmas Village at Macy’s Department Store, Philadelphia PA

Fezziwig's Party

Fireside drinks and dining at McGillan’s Old Ale House, Philadelphia PA

I'll Have A Flaming Rum Punch!

Christmas Lights Galore at Koziar’s Christmas Village, Bernville PA

Christmas Barn in Bernville

Clear Toy Candy from Franklin Fountain, Philadelphia PA

Holiday Movies on the Big Screen at The Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville, PA

The Colonial Christmas

Old Fashioned Downtown Holiday Shopping at Sine’s 5 & 10 Quakertown, PA
5 & 10 HorizontalWhat is missing from the list? Let me know! As you can guess, Bethlehem PA is a big destination this time of year and a RetroRoadmap Reader reminded me of the National Christmas Center in Paradise PA, so I think I know where I’ll be heading this coming weekend!

What retro / vintage holiday traditional places do you go in your neck of the woods?

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I can’t tell you how delighted I was to re-visit Main Street in Newark Delaware to find 3 of my favorite old fashioned businesses still going strong. Next time you need a tasty breakfast, baked goods or random sundries from a 5 and 10, head to this stretch of road near the University of Delaware and enjoy a day on good old Main Street. Just remember it’s New-ARK, like Noah built!

Bing’s Bakery 235 East Main Street

Bing's Bakery Exterior

I used to work across the street from Bing’s and was always charmed by their signage and turquoise, pegboard and knotty pine interior, and was tickled to see that the new owners had not messed with this classic look.
Knotty Pine and Turquoise, I Love It!

Founded in 1946 by Russell and Selina Bing, the bakery changed hands in 2005 when Selina turned the keys over to her head baker of 9 years, Tom Guzzi and his wife, Carla Guzzi. Delaware’s “longest running” bakery was abuzz with customers when I was there, from regulars picking up donuts, to a young couple discussing their wedding cake.
Bing's Bakery Wedding Cakes
A pleasant counter gal helped me buy my bag of sunflower shaped sugar cookies, and when I asked how long the bakery had been there, a wonderfully friendly customer chimed in that her sister had been married in 1959 and got her wedding cake from Bing’s. She added that it was great that this place was still around, being one of the only bakeries left in New Castle County, and I have to agree!
Bing The Baker

Bing’s Bakery
253 East Main Street
Newark, DE 19711-7314
(302) 737-5310

The Post House Restaurant 145 East Main Street

I used to love the simplicity of the Post House restaurant, with its minimalist mid century brick exterior and interior with a long countertop and burgundy banquettes for waiting. Somehow it felt more like a diner than the “real” diner on the next corner!
Post House Restaurant Exterior
Oh how happy I was to find that Retro Roadhusband’s report that the Post House was closed was an error on his part, and this great little lunch counter was still in business! I sat myself down at the counter and ordered myself a breakfast sandwich and reveled in the fact that this place really hadn’t changed much since it opened at this location in 1956.
Post House Restaurant InteriorInteresting counter story- I wasn’t necessarily eves-dropping but I could not help but hear the two gentlemen to my side discussing what I thought was a sports team- only to see when they stood up, that the Sonic they were referring to was the corporate drive in chain, as confirmed by the logo embroidered on one man’s shirt. I thought it was a sweet victory indeed that even the folks making the joy of a car hop restaurant a little bit more generic could appreciate the actual authenticity of a place like the Post House.
Post House Restaurant Counter

Post House Restaurant
145 East Main Street
Newark, DE 19711-7313
(302) 368-3459

National 5 and 10 66 East Main Street

And last but not least, how could I neglect the National 5 and 10 store, with its cheery red sign and fabulous brushed stainless letters?

National 5 & 10 Newark DE
Still family owned and operated, this business has been in the Handloff family since 1911 and at this location since 1931.
Louis Handloff National 5 & 10
I had driven past this location scads of times but rarely ventured in, since I had little interest in purchasing something with the Delaware insignia on it. And boy, do they have plenty of Delawareabilia here at the 5 & 10, more than I’ve ever seen in my life! But luckily for me, they had plenty of other useful items to choose from.
5 & 10 Shopping Carts
Towards the back half of the store it goes from college insiginia-ville to a regular Woolworth type store, with household goods, plastic toys, hardware items and keys to be cut. I happily purchased a couple of yards of clear plastic table covering for the Hacienda kitchen, and think I like the paper liner even more than the vinyl liner!
Tablecloth Liner Liner(However the plastic does come in handy so I can actually use the Pennsylvania Dutch tablecloth I bought at Roadside America, with little fear of messing it up.)

I don’t think the young gent behind the counter shared my admiration of the cashier sign behind him, as I snapped a photo, but who knows? Maybe he’ll look at it with fresh eyes after my exclaiming how cool it was!

Cashiers Pay Here

National 5 & 10 Store
66 East Main Street
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 368-1646

So if you’re in the mood for some real Main Street shopping, don’t go to a faux outdoor mall that calls itself Main Street, support the real deal, on Main Street in Newark Delaware!

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Nowadays Retro Roadtrips can be plotted and charted to the Nth degree with the help of the internet, GPS and cell phones. However even in this high tech age we can still make an unexpected discovery simply by taking a different route to a known destination. This is how I encountered and was subsequently charmed by Modern Millie vintage clothing store  in Salem MA!

Modern Millie Vintage Salem MA

There is no Millie at Millie’s, but not to fear, we’ve got proprietress Christine Robidoux, who is even better. A former theatre costumer and ex-chain-store-manager (sistah!) she learned how to sew from her Grandmother, who watches over the store like a guardian angel.

Modern Millie GrandmaGram!

Christine had always wanted a little place of her own, and when she spied the “For Rent” sign on her birthday almost 4 years ago she knew that the stars had aligned, and it was time to make her dreams a reality. Those were lucky stars for her as well as us lovers of all things vintage!

The bright colors of the mod prints and patterns in the window of her shop are a perfect antidote to the gloom-n-doomy goth colors so often seen in Witch City USA. Inside the riot of color continues on the colorful walls lined with a coordinated mix of vintage and contemporary clothing  with a retro fashion flair.

Modern Millie Vintage Shoes

A few fab things about Millie’s that I think most any shopper- both vintage and “regular” will dig:

1. The clothes that Millie (oops I mean Christine!) carries are hand picked to be wearable and mix with modern pieces. This is great when you like to wear vintage but don’t want to feel as if you have dressed up for the Mad Men photo shoot in order to wear your finds. The fabric, cut and era of the clothing is hand selected to make sure no one feels like a fusty old maiden aunt when shopping here.

2. Another handy thing is that the clothing is divided up by sizes. This makes it easy to find something to fit on your mod bod, regardless of your figure. A nice little retail detail that is missed by many a shop owner, but appreciated by the shopper!

3. I swoon at the thought of walking into a shop like this and saying “I need to get out of my cardigan over teeshirt rut, what have you got?” and for someone to assess my assets and send me to the dressing room with an armful of things I might not put together myself. Well, Christine and her gals do personal shopping and can mix up your style,  just ask! Dang I wish I lived closer.

Mod Togs at Modern Millie's

A  little retro shop stop during a Retro Roadtrip can be a nice change of pace. I think Retro Roadsis is going back sans RRkids to shop in peace- don’t forget to tell ’em Mod Betty sends her regards!

Modern Millie
103 Washington St
Salem, MA 01970-3505
(978) 745-0231

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