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When Retro Roadhusband were driving down Route 30 / The Lincoln Highway in Paradise, PA Sunday we were saddened to see that Jacob Zoon Hex Signs store was closed and the property being offered for sale.

jacob zook hex sign store closed realtor information


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diners-of-pennsylvania-retro-roadmap-blobfest-2011(image courtesy of Kevin Patrick)

Don’t forget – tomorrow Saturday July 9th Retro Roadmap will be representin’ with a booth full of vintage souvenir goodies and a special appearance by Kyle Weaver and Kevin Patrick from Diners of Pennsylvania! Buy your copy and get it autographed, while enjoying a wonderfully fun day in “The Ville”-

Here are the details about Blobfest 2011 – see you tomorrow!

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Day or night your visit to Memphis is not complete without an amble down historic Beale Street.  Here are some snapshots from our all too short visit to this famous thoroughfare to inspire you:

Blues Hall and Juke Joint – you just don’t hear those phrases much anymore, do you? Same with Drinks to Go-!
Juke Joint and Blues Hall


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What did you expect…Wedgwood? ;-)

(Had no idea I had so many vintage souvenir plates. Stop me before I thrift again!)

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What right minded retro roadside attraction loving person would dare pass by this wonderful and colorful souvenir shop on Route 2 in Shelburne Falls, MA?

Big Indian Shop

This has been my favorite ticky tacky gift shop along the Mohawk Trail for easily 15 years. I sometimes dream of winning the lottery, buying the place and turning the adjacent field into a fiberglass petting zoo for all of the roadside giants that have been neglected for years. Looking over them of course, and providing a wonderful photo op in the meantime, would be the Big Indian himself.

The Big Indian

Rumored to be between 20-28 feet high, we learn (thanks to that goddess of the roadside, Debra Jane Seltzer) that he was created by Rodman Shutt who created many other giants- click here to read her details of how this one man shaped our giant roadside delights!

As you are learning I can never resist poking into a gift shop in the hopes of finding something truly wonderful and tacky to help me remember my visit. As you can see from this interior shot, I had plenty to choose from:

Souvenir Shop Interior

And at least ONE Retro Roadkid found something she liked ;-)

Lock'em Up!

When I asked the gal behind the counter how long the shop had been around, she didn’t really know, but said it had been there “for a long time”. She did share that it had been under new ownership for just a little under a year, and that the current owner bought it back in the 1970’s from the folks who originally opened it.

Why the Indian theme, you may ask? Well Route 2 is also known as The Mohawk Trail, which was a Native American trade route connecting tribes all the way up to Upstate New York (obviously before it was Upstate New York!) The Mohawk Trail is now part of Route 2 which was created as one of the country’s first scenic highways, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

Indian Maiden

We came out of here with more silly gifts that we could think of, but what better way to support these roadside treasures than loading up on cedar gifts and vintage post cards? My idea of fun for sure!

Chief Big Whoopee

There are plenty more photos of the kitschy fun found inside the Big Indian Shop on the Retro Roadmap Flickr Page – check ’em out!

The Big Indian Shop
2217 Mohawk Trail
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

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Spending less than 24 hours on the east coast of Florida I was bound and determined to pack as much Retro Roadmap goodness into our short stay. So when we drove past an aqua painted building with the words Alex’s Gift Shop emblazoned in orange, well I had to ask Retro Roadhusband to pull into their parking lot – it looked like the type of place that would have some great Florida souvenirs, and I was right!

Alex's Gift Shop

Family owned and operated since 1963, Alex’s has been at this location since some time in the 1980’s according to the nice lady behind the counter. The gift shop is large, clean and and chock full of tons and tons of Florida and beach souvenirs. Me being me I was pleased to find a good selection from the retro and kitschy school of souvenirs along with the more modern versions.

While my photo of the colored glass boat floats came out too blurry to include, here’s just a sample of the fun keepsakes you’ll find tucked into Alex’s.

Florida Oranges - Floranges?

Sea Shell Shop

Florida Flamingos

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I have a thing for flamingos of all types, though my faves are the original Featherstone pink plastic flamingos from Leominster MA. Heck, the mascot of the college radio station I worked at was even a pink flamingo with a blue mohawk! I was THIS close to buying this for the Hacienda, but Retro Roadhusband pointed out it looked like it was missing a piece, dang!
Beautiful Tacky Flamingo Souvenir

And this one is for Gunnar from Eccentric Roadside:

Shell Game

I had already pledged my allegiance to the oranges at Nokomis Groves, but if you are on this side of the state you’d do well to check out the other half of Alex’s – their Flamingo Groves fruit porch and gift shop where you can buy and ship all matter of oranges and gift baskets. I loved how the bags of fruit hung so cheerily outside- like giant tropical Christmas decorations!

Flamingo Groves Orange Stand

Next time you’re in the area, check out this cheery shop and have some vintage vacation fun browsing the souvenirs!

Alex’s Flamingo Groves & Gift Shop
236 North Federal Highway
Dania, FL 33004-2851
(954) 923-2310




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One of my favorite places to load up on Retro Roadmap worthy souvenirs when we’re in Florida is Nifty Nic Nacs in Venice FL. They have a huge selection of all sorts of vintage themed memorabilia with  wonderful vacation postcard graphics, new old post cards, funky coasters, signs, magnets and more that bring back the feel of when Florida was the vacation spot to be!

Vintage Florida Grapic Zipper PouchesLocated on Venice Avenue the shop is coming up on it’s 7th anniversary in the adorable downtown section of Venice Florida, which is located on the gulf coast side of the state. Friendly owner Jeff O’Berry is a 5th generation Florida native, and had some wonderful places to suggest that we feature on Retro Roadmap, many of which his grandmother would bring visitors to when they were in the Sunshine State. I’ve got them on my list for sure, and can’t wait to head south again, especially after all the snow that welcomed us when we got home to chilly Philly.

IMG_1107 (more…)

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