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Though the chain stores try to obscure this roadside gem from sight, Zip’s Diner raises their hand and flags down passersby with one simple request – EAT! And that’s exactly what you should do should you be in this corner of Connecticut -Eat At Zip’s Diner in Dayville, CT.

Eat At Zip's Diner

Even a gloomy grey day could not diminish the charm of this stainless steel diner, one of the most photogenic ones I’ve come across in my travels.

Both Sides Now at Zip's Diner

I entered the diner and was pleased to find a corner booth, my favorite location in a diner. Ordered a cup of tea and was delighted with the mini teapot that it was served in. While there were many booths and counter seats filled this mid-afternoon, you know how I wait for people to leave the scene so I can snap a photo, so here’s a shot of the formica table and rounded ceiling of this 1950’s era O’Mahony diner.

My Neigbors At Zip's Diner

Here are some more great photos of the interior of Zip’s Diner, courtesy of our pal Gunnar at Eccentric Roadside.

And here’s what I had for lunch!

Chicken Sandwich at Zip's Diner

A chicken cutlet sandwich was always my default dinner at the Bel Aire Diner in Peabody, and this one from Zip’s hit the spot just right. I also had the luxury of viewing this lovely vintage mural while I was dining:

Lake Alexander, Dayville CT Mural at Zip's Diner

While the weather was cold and gloomy, I left Zip’s diner mosty toasty. A swell lunch at a vintage diner like Zip’s will do the trick!

Open 6am-9pm every day. Don’t zip by, pull off the exit and check out the neon when its all lit up, or sunny out!

eat eat

Zip’s Diner / Dining Car
Connecticut 101
Killingly, CT 06241
(860) 774-6335

6:00 am – 9:00 pm

Zip's Dining Car on Urbanspoon

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The bright neon glow of the fabulous Olympia diner sign  in Newington Connecticut was a welcomed sight as we made our way towards Mass via the Berlin Turnpike on our last trek home. We were totally pulled into the tractorbeam of this bright oasis and I’m superpsyched to add this roadside delight to the RetroRoadmap of CT!
Neon Sign - Olympia Diner Newington, CT

As we entered this 1950’s era O’Mahoney diner we were pleased to see that the interior did not disappoint, and we were told to sit anywhere we’d like. We opted for a booth near the entrance but they also have an extended dining room for larger parties.

Olympia Diner Interior
Usually the tabletop juke boxes don’t work, which makes me sad, but in this case they were operational. Much to our dismay however, the folks behind us were pumping in quarters during our entire stay and had less than great musical taste. Luckily the food we ordered (cheeseburger / BLT) tasted better!

Tableside Juke Box - Olympia Diner, Newington CT

As I was looking over RetroRoadhusband’s shoulder I realized why the Olympia Diner looked so familiar to me – and realized it was featured on the original cover of American Diner by Richard J. S. Gutman himself! That’s a copy of the cover behind the cash stand.

American Diner - Olympia Diner Newington, CT

Food was good, the folks working there nice, and glad to know  they’re open every day ’til Midnight. I recommend going at night so you can see that stellar neon sign all lit up! The Berlin Turnpike was lined with old motels and hotels as well, they were fun to look at too.

Olympia Diner
3413 Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT 06111-5106
(860) 666-9948

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When I was told that the RetroRoadmap / Roadside fans meetup was going to be at the Glider Diner in Scranton,PA I knew I had to drive up and check it out before the big day. Being the hostess with the mostess means making sure there’s enough room for everyone, and this was one of the few times in my life where I was happy to see a bright sunny dining room added on to a vintage stainless steel diner. (According to the history of the Glider Diner the addition was actually made back in 1964 and called the Fireside Lounge, though it has been redecorated since then!)

Glider Diner ExteriorThe Glider diner is a 1950 Mountain View diner, and had we been able to finagle fitting all 17 of us into the vintage interior of the diner, I know the RoadsideFans / RetroRoadmap Readers would have preferred that. 3 folks who heard about the meet-up on RetroRoadmap came in to the back dining room to say hi to all of us, but said they wanted to eat in the diner part, and I can totally understand wanting to sit in that sun-filled pink diner interior.

Glider Diner InteriorThe photo above was taken after the diner had closed, that’s the only reason I got it looking so empty. The swell folks working at the Glider diner were kind enough to let us sit and chat at our table past their 2pm Sunday closing time, so we were able to snap a few photos of the interior without disrupting the customers.

To see this counter crowded with our gang, head over to Roadsidefans.com where Glenn Wells has posted some group photos he took that day. You may need to log in, but if you’re a RetroRoadmap reader you’re probably interested in RoadsideFans too, so it’s a win-win!

I was a bit overwhelmed with all that was going on so I ordered my standard 2 eggs over easy with bacon, and let me tell you, that was some of the better bacon I’ve had in a long time! Kate tried a hot porketta sandwich which is a spicy boneless pork sandwich with their famous gravy. Mike had frequented the diner before and dared order off menu for a chicken Caesar, and they were nice enough to accommodate. We all enjoyed our food, and our waitress did a wonderful job keeping track of everyone with good humor.

It was fun to match up faces to names, and soon enough postcards and photos were being passed around, stories being told and so many interesting conversations that I wanted to be a part of every single one of them. Such a good time was had that rumor has it that there will be another meet-up in May of 2011, so mark your calendar and join us, won’t you?

And if you’re ever in the Scranton area, don’t glide on by the Glider Diner, stop for a bite to eat!

Glider Diner
890 Providence Road
Scranton, PA 18508-2546
(570) 343-8036

Glider Diner on Urbanspoon

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Here’s a little birthday present to my pal Lori- her first post on Retro Roadmap! On the first good weather day during our rainy Cape Cod vacation this summer, my family and I were lucky enough to find Betsy’s Diner in Falmouth, MA for a well deserved diner lunch – thanks to none other than my friend, ModBetty herself!
Betsy's Diner

Falmouth is a quintessential Cape Cod town with a bustling main street filled with shops, restaurants, cafes and bookstores.  At the end of Main Street sits Betsy’s Diner.  An authentic 1950’s shiny metal diner with an even more authentic interior with chrome and pink stools at the counter. (Mod Betty adds, Betsy’s is a 1957 Mountain View, originally known as the Peter Pan diner in Kuhnsville, PA and was moved to this current site in 1992)

Vintage pink floor and stools

We arrived at 1:50 in the afternoon only to discover that the diner closes at 2PM!  (We found this odd, especially coming from New Jersey where diners are plentiful and open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond.) We were greeted at the door and we asked if lunch was still being served.  We were assured that it was and were taken to a table.

What to eat? What to eat?

Because of the recommendation of MB, I requested a table on the other side of the diner (Mod Betty adds, Lori had expressed her love of vintage formica kitchen tables to me, so I knew she’d dig the addition to the diner, and as you can see, I was right!)…..I LOVE vintage chrome and enamel table and chair kitchen sets…and this place is full of them.  My favorite!

Waiting for our food to arrive, I began taking in the ambience of Betsy’s.  The authentic vintage tables and chairs really make this place special.  Neon signs adorn the walls, along with colorful glassware and a large painted mural.  The dining room is a bit “tight” but we were comfortable.

Neon Betsy's

Our food arrived quickly and we were overwhelmed at the size of the portions!  Salads are huge with nice fresh ingredients.  My husband got the “Working Man’s Special”……a large plate of macaroni and cheese with four large pieces of linguica on top.  I went for the Fried Clam strip lunch.  An incredible amount of food, very tasty…but too much!
Clam Strip Lunch!

As we ate our lunch I was happy to realize that we would most likely be the last customers in the dining room for the day.  This would give me the opportunity to snap some photos of EMPTY tables and chairs!  The wait staff was busy cleaning and resetting the tables and booths that are around the perimeter of the dining room, but again they were very friendly and accommodating.

Green and Viney

We found Betsy’s Diner to be busy, clean, quaint and all around yummy.  The menu is large and from what I could tell, all portions are huge no matter what you order.  I have a feeling that their breakfast meals are probably fantastic.  Next time we visit Falmouth we will most definitely re-visit Betsy’s to find out!

Betsy’s Diner
457 Main St.
Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 540-0060

Betsy's Diner on Urbanspoon

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I think the New Ideal Diner in Aberdeen MD is one of my ideal diners. OK so I could do without the hanging plants – but the vintage look of this stainless steel diner, the friendly waitress, one of my fave crab cake sandwiches, and getting to sit thisclose to the original owner, made for one memorable visit!

The New Ideal Diner -  My  Ideal

Established in 1931 The New Ideal diner that we see today is actually the fourth diner to set on this location, and was moved here in 1952.
Good Food is Good Health - New Ideal Diner

A large double doored O’Mahony stainless steel diner with green “flex glas” stripes running through it, the interior of the diner is a well preserved study in green as well, with original terazzo floors, booths and swiveling counter stools. I sat at the counter.
New Ideal Diner Green Stool and Terazzo
Barely hungry, I threw myself a curve ball and ordered a crabcake sandwich, something I rarely do. They are one of Retro Roadhusband’s faves, and while I think they’re OK, they never really do it for me. But the New Ideal touted theirs on both the outside sign and the menu so I said what the heck. SO GLAD I DID!
New Ideal Tasty Crabcake Sandwich
This was one of the best crab cake sandwiches I’ve ever had! Now I know there’s probably more cake than crab in it for you purists, but I loved the fact that they seemed to mix in that Eastern Shore staple, Old Bay, right into the cake. Fried up nice and crisp, delish. I also dug how the lettuce was shredded just so, the bun was toasted (always a nice touch) and the pickles totally reminded me of the ones I loved to get at hot lunch at Broadmeadow Elementary.

New Ideal Diner Original Chairs
To cap off a perfectly wonderful visit, I also overheard some local folks exchanging pleasant greetings with the older gentleman beside me.

“Do you remember him?” said the older of the two, pointing to the man next to him:

Original Owner, New Ideal Diner Aberdeen MD“Last time he was in here he was in (insert name of mother /wife here, who was obviously a waitress here many years ago)’s belly!” And they all shook hands and had a good laugh.

The new owner, who rung me up, was kind enough to inform me that that older gent- well into his 90’s was the Original owner of the New Ideal and came in regularly.

Ideal Diner - Aberdeen MD

Later that evening I mentioned my visit to the diner to one of my Maryland gal pals, who exclaimed with delight, saying she used to go there after ballet class as a child, because her dad – an award winning bowler – would visit the bowling alley behind the diner on Saturdays. You just can’t beat stories like this.

Barely 2 miles off 95, you should really make a stop at the New Ideal Diner!

The New Ideal Diner
104 South Philadelphia Boulevard
Aberdeen, MD 21001-3287
(410) 272-1880

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(Update! 9/8/10 — just got word from the owner of the Neptune that the diner is not for sale, phew! Please continue to put this vintage diner on your retro itinerary when you visit Lancaster!)

Retro Roadhusband and I had a tasty meal at the Neptune Diner in Lancaster PA before Christmas, but I wasn’t happy with the few photos I snapped, so I didn’t write about it at the time. Now I hear the diner is for sale, so I figured I’d get it on the Retro Roadmap before something unfortunate happens to it!

Neptune Diner Entryway

Neptune Diner Sign

According to The Diner Hunter this is a 1951 Mountain View diner with cowcatcher corners- check out his photos of the Neptune diner here,. It is a great classic stainless steel diner – visit it if you’re in the area, as its future is uncertain ( so much so that I can’t even get their website to work – yikes!)

Neptune Diner
924 North Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 399-8358

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Mill Pond Diner Wareham MA

Sometimes when you get to a state like Massachusetts with such a rich diner history, you can get a little bit sloppy, forgetting how many diners there are to choose from.

I finally got around to eating at the Mill Pond, only, what, 17+ years after my photograph of it appeared in the print version of Roadside Magazine? Shame on me! (and yikes how time flies!)

Mill Pond Diner Tag

The Mill Pond is a stainless steel 1950 O’Mahony diner and photogenic both inside and out. It overlooks the…well, I bet that might be the MILL POND it overlooks?  Sorry folks, it’s been a long day!

Mill Pond DIner Interior

I had a satisfying BLT at the diner, during the slow hours between lunch and dinner, and it hit the spot. I was also entertained by the two bantering gentlemen at the counter, who I think liked having an audience.

Mill Pond Diner Lunch

While a few of the online reviews of this place are pretty disparaging, I think the Mill Pond is worth a stop for basic diner fare, especially if you are taking the Retro Roadmap Recommended Route to the Cape, along the old Cranberry Highway.

The Mill Pond Diner
2571 Cranberry Hwy
Wareham, MA 02571
(508) 295-9688

Mill Pond Diner on Urbanspoon

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