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Not one to dwell on the negative but wanted to let my dear Retro Roadmap readers know that Mod Betty has been a little under the weather these past few days, which is no fun for anyone. Luckily I appear to be on the other side of the worst, and true to my nature I’m recuperating in true Retro Roadmap fashion (turban optional).for headaches congestion and anemia

As I type this Retro Roadhusband just walked in the door with some chicken croquettes and mashed potatoes from The Fisherman, which aren’t the most picturesque items, but hopefully will hit the spot with their mushy goodness. (update: they did, mmm….)

Also through the power of modern technology I was able to check out a DVD from the Library down the block and as luck would have it one of the many wonderful shows from WQED’s Rick Sebak was on hand. After croquettes we’ll be enjoying A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway from the comfort of our own couch.


For those of you who don’t know Rick Sebak by name, or from the lovely tidbits he’s shared here on Retro Roadmap, he’s responsible for some of the more enjoyable original programming on public television, including features about diners, Pittsburgh, amusement parks, ice cream and Mr Rogers; pretty much all the stuff that I hold dear to my lil Retro Roadmap heart.

According to the WQED website:

Rick Sebak makes unusual television programs. His slightly wacky documentaries celebrate various aspects of modern American life and the unexpected charms of Pittsburgh. Audiences have learned to recognize his friendly narrative style and the unusual topics that he obviously loves.

So even if you’re not sick in bed, you’d do yourself right to catch up on all of his features, and enjoy one of his virtual road trips- many of which are available to purchase in the WQED store!

•    The Mon, The Al & The O (1988)
•    Kennywood Memories (1988)
•    Holy Pittsburgh! (1989)
•    Our Neighbor Fred Rogers (Two versions: 1989, 1990)
•    Flying Off The Bridge To Nowhere! And Other Tales Of Pittsburgh Bridges (1990)
•    Things That Aren’t There Anymore (1990)
•    Downtown Pittsburgh (1992)
•    The Pennsylvania Road Show (1992)
•    Pennsylvania Diners And Other Roadside Restaurants (1993)
•    Stuff That’s Gone (1994)
•    Houses Around Here (1994)
•    The Strip Show (1996)
•    An Ice Cream Show (1996)
•    Shore Things (1996)
•    North Side Story (1997)
•    South Side (1998)
•    Things That Are Still Here (1999)
•    A Hot Dog Program (1999)
•    Great Old Amusement Parks (1999)
•    Something About Oakland (2000)
•    Pittsburgh A To Z (2001)
•    A Flea Market Documentary (2001)
•    Sandwiches That You Will Like (2002)
•    Happy Holidays in Pittsburgh (2002)
•    Things We’ve Made (2003)
•    Fred Rogers: America’s Favorite Neighbor (2003)
•    It’s the Neighborhoods (2004)
•    A Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff (2004)
•    A Cemetery Special (2005)
•    What Makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh (2006)
•    Underground Pittsburgh (2007)
•    To Market To Market To Buy A Fat Pig (2007)
•    Invented, Engineered, and Pioneered in Pittsburgh (2008)
•    A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway (2008)
•    Right Beside the River (2009)
•    Breakfast Special (TBD 2010)

We’ll be back to our regular Retro Roadmap programming tomorrow, as I hope to be able to attend the Philadelphia Neon Talk, health willing. Now pardon me as I allow Retro Roaddog to hop onto the bed and help heal his poor ailing momma!

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I read about Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl of Zanesville Ohio on Rick Sebak’s* blog and he was kind enough to allow me to share this great vintage ice cream parlor with Retro Roadmap Readers.

Rick writes:

I think it’s silly to drive from Pittsburgh to Columbus or vice versa without stopping in Zanesville OH at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl. It’s been a family tradition now for nearly twenty years since this guy at work, Bob Meek, insisted that I stop. He kept telling me it was like the Fifties, and I thought he meant fake nostalgic Fifties, all James Dean-y and Marilyn Monroe-ish, and I didn’t bother, but then one day I did take the Maple Avenue exit off I-70 and found the place.

It’s astounding. A time machine. It transports you to what-I-want-to-call the Forties. It’s untouched, unchanged. A piece of another era that you can step into and get ice cream and really good roasted nuts.

So we stop. Bob and Glenn are impressed. It is a magical place where they put the names of the seasonal flavors of homemade ice cream on paper cards and post them high on the one wall.

Glenn gets eggnog. I get rum raisin. (Those are seasonal holiday flavors.) Bob gets black raspberry, a year round flavor that’s listed inside the wooden cabinet in the corner of the room behind the nut-and-candy cases. These are “single-scoop” dishes. Big single scoops. The sundaes overflow the bowls they come in.

toms-ice-cream-bowl-zanesville-oh-scoops-rick-sebak-retro-roadmap(Back in 1996 when we made “An Ice Cream Show” for PBS and CPB, I always thought I’d include Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, but we ran out of time and travel money in our budget.  Still I mentioned this beautiful little place when I gave a list of great ice cream places to USA TODAY back then.)

If you’re ever near Zanesville, stop.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl
532 McIntire
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
(740) 452-5267

See how to get to Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl on The Official Retro Roadmap!

*WQED producer and host of such gems as “Pennsylvania Diners and Other Restaurants” and “Great Old Amusement Parks to just name two, Rick is an inspiration for those of us who love vintage roadside delights! Don’t forget to check the annex of the WQED shop devoted completely to DVDs of Rick’s road shows – they make perfect gifts this holiday season!

Tom's Ice Cream Bowl on Urbanspoon

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Thank you Fuzzie Lizze of The Vintage Traveler for bestowing upon Retro Roadmap the Kreative Blogger Award! Having only joined the blog-o-sphere a few short months ago, I’m touched that you included me in your list of top 7 blogs.


Not sure what the history is on this award, but nice to be able to think someone sent it to me, and nice to want to bestow it upon some other blogs of note. From what I can tell I’m supposed to pick out 7 of my favorite blogs and then list 7 things I love. I can tell already how hard it is to pick out 7 blogs to pay it forward to, but I’ll give it a shot!

In no particular order, the blogs I am passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award to:


DeluxeVille– Mary Deluxe has a fabulous blog DeluxeVille where she documents her fabulous vintage lifestyle, from her cool little abode, to her adorable vintage outfits, to the great mid mod houses for sale in her area. She’s got a wonderful way with writing that feels like you know her immediately and would love to hang with her. She lives here in PA, and I consider her a cool neighbor even though we’ve never met!


Diner Hotline– Fellow Massachusettsian and road scholar Larry Cultrera has been involved with the Society for Commercial Archeology and the documentation of the diners in the Mass area for years, and I consider him one of the elder statesmen of the retro roadscene (not that he’s elderly!) One of the first champions of Retro Roadmap and a knowledgeable guy to know, his Diner Hotline is the place to get info on diners and beyond. Thanks for the encouraging words Larry!


RoadsideArchitecture- the blog portion of the wonderfully prolific road photog Debra Jane Seltzer, she’s also involved with the SCA. She faithfully blogs her way through her roadtrips across thousands of miles of US roads, in her trusty van Sparkle with her 4 dogs, snapping photos of signs and roadside points of interest for her website. I love feeling like the co-pilot on one of her adventures, through the long miles of nothing, to the great piece of pie recommended by a pal. Her dogs are a bunch of cuties and you should Check out her RoadsideArchitecture website too!


Vintage Traveler – This isn’t a “you pat my back…” type of thing- I honestly enjoy and look forward to every entry in Fuzzie Lizzie’s Vintage Traveler blog. She’s great at doing the research to get the backstory, and shares her knowledge of Retro Roadmap worthy places and vintage clothing, with all of us, so we can learn too. She loves her husband and her dog, and I’m one of those gals too. Hooray for the Elizabeths :-)


Lincoln Highway News– Written and maintained by another famous name in the Road Scholar field, Brian Butko- he keeps us all in the loop on what is going on on this historic stretch of land. If you’re going to be traveling along this road, it behooves you to have a look at the LHN, or one of Brian’s great books- Diners of Pennsylvania, Roadside Giants and more.

oklahoma-modern-kreativ-blogger-award-retroroadmapOklahoma Modern– Rex and Jackie are doing their best to document the ever changing Mid Century architecture and design of their home in Oklahoma. I love that they decided to create their blog just for the love of it, and realized if no one else would do it, then it was up to them! They were the first folks to send a great video from their travels to share with Retro Roadmap, and I was, and am, just thrilled. Keep up the good work- you guys are more than “OK”!


Rick Sebak’s blog– I got the hookup for this link from Diner Hotline and could not have been more thrilled to be able to read about the goings on behind the scenes at some of my favorite road trip type TV specials. Rick is a producer at WQED, the Pittsburgh Public TV station, and the voice and more behind such faves as “Great Old Amusement Parks”, “Pennsylvania Diners”, ” A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway” and so many more. My hat goes off to Rick and his WQED compatriots for doing such a great job of documenting not only the  national road scene, but even the great and varied neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Can’t wait to hunker down and catch up on some of the specials I missed, now that it’s turning dark and cool outside!

7 things I love:
retro roadmapping!

So there you have it folks! Realize there are many websites out there that I totally think are worthy of an award, but I was trying to keep this one bloggy. If you got an award, pay it forward if you like. If you’re reading the blog- check out the links- there’s a lotta good stuff out there!

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